“Sigh. Another watch forum?”. Yes. Although Perpetuelle is more than just a forum on watches. On Perpetuelle you’ll find a nice on-line library containing a lot of watches with their technical specifications. It is like having your Armband Uhren Katalog online. The forum part consists of a number brand forums, but also a generic watch forum, a forum on vintage watches, a diving watch forum, a ladies watch forum and a forum for watch techies. The atmosphere is very refreshing to be honest, at least when you compare it to the big watch portals where reading the disclaimer before you post is mandatory.

Another great feature is that you can fill a virtual watch box with the watches you have or want to have in your collection. This way, people can see which watches you have, which specs they have and what you think of it (by adding a review for each watch). You can also define a ‘wish list’, so if you are looking for that special vintage Universal Genev?ɬ© tri-compax chronograph or a Breitling Navitimer for example, you can make that clear by putting these watches in your wish list. Other who might know where to find one or even have one, can contact you 🙂

The design of Perpetuelle is refreshing. In most cases, ‘designed’ websites have to make sacrifices with respect to useability, but Perpetuelle has done a great job and enables you to have a good ‘overview’ at all times. Have a go and see if they can become your new (or second) online watch home.

Oh yeah, their brand forum includes, besides the Swiss and German brands, also Seiko! Given the fact that Seiko is gaining more and more enthusiasts amongst watch collectors, this might be a good place to have a look at.

  • RJ-
    Thank you very much for your compliments and review of Perpetuelle.com. Please let me say also how much I have enjoyed your blog over these past few years. Fratello watches is second to none!

    I created Perpetuelle.com with the vision to elevate the online watch experience to an unprecedented level by having unique features specifically designed for watch owners, collectors & enthusiasts that were at the same time fully integrated into forums that deliver unique content and interesting discussion about watches.

    In fact, later this week Perpetuelle.com will become the first and only online watch community to have in its forums fully integrated VIDEO which includes both professionally produced videos as well as Member/User generated videos.

    Even so, the life of Perpetuelle.com is young and our journey has just begun. I assure you and your readers many more great things to come and I welcome you to Perpetuelle.com any time.

    Thank you again and happy watch blogging!

    Kyle Stults
    Perpetuelle.com – Your Online Watch Community

  • Hi RJ,

    Splendid review! Along with Kyle I too would like to thank you for this and for contributing to Perpetuelle.com with your knowledge of watches. It is good the watch community has a member like yourself.


    James Bond
    Moderator of Deep Sea/Omega/Rolex Forums