In May, we asked you to participate in a small contest on Instagram. We asked you to share your Speedmaster story. Why is it special to you? Why did you purchase it? And has it witnessed any memorable moments on the wrist.

The rules were that it shouldn’t be longer than 100 words (very challenging). Well, it took some time, and a little bit of work behind the scenes, but we’re finally ready to announce the winners of this little #SpeedyTuesday contest.

13 Winners

Everyone who participated is a winner of course, but we selected 13 IG stories to publish on the dedicated Speedy Tuesday website. You can find them here.

We loved that astronaut Terry Virts also participated on Instagram with his story on his X-33: “One of my favorite photos of my Omega Speedmaster X-33. For more than seven months this watch was a critical instrument for my daily work in space — waking me every morning, timing the various tasks I had to do, reminding me when we were passing over specific locations on Earth for my photography and cinematography, being visible at night in dark ambient conditions. I probably used this instrument more than any other during my two space flights.


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Here’s another great Instagram story. This time, it comes from Eddie: “This CK2998 was given to me on Father’s Day. My son was 3 years old and walked into the room with a wrapped box. Then promptly dropped it. Hard. My wife looked like she had seen a ghost when he did that. After I opened it, I understood why she was so worried.

“When I saw what was inside, I was speechless. I couldn’t believe that they had given me such a beautiful timepiece. I was even more amazed that the limited number xxxx/2998, was my actual birthday. My wife didn’t set out to get those numbers but it was an amazing coincidence. This is by far my favorite watch and story to tell. Hence I’ve dubbed thee “The Wife”. The one watch that no money or trades will ever let me part with it. Besides, you can’t get top dollar with a dented box!”


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And the last Instagram entry for now comes from Analogiker: “Even as a boy without any clue, I knew a Speedmaster was something special. When standing in front of our local jewelers display this one watch was different — at least for me. I always thought that it’s a luxury good I’d never be able to afford. But many years later when my wife told me she was pregnant, I instantly knew it was a now or never moment. Although I’d grown to become a vintage watch guy by heart in the meantime, I bought a new Speedy. Because when I’ll hand it over to my son someday, he will not only receive a watch which made history, he will receive a watch which was worn on the day he was born and which will hopefully also tell him something of his father’s story.”


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All 13 winners have been contacted and will receive a small thank you present for their Instagram efforts soon. If you want to share your story, contact us ([email protected]) and we are happy to do so.

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