A Decent Watch Under 1000 USD, Check Motoring Exposure!

Yesterday, I published an article on MotoringExposure about buying watches under 1000 USD. There are a lot of offers, but which one satisfies the watchfreak?

Browsing the internet and going through several annual catalogues, I came up with the Glycine Incursore ‘Black Jack’, the Sinn 656 and the Tissot PRS516 Automatic Chronograph. All three very different watches, but are all ‘serious’ timepieces under 1000 USD and follow my own 5 defined rules for this quest:

1. It should be a (respected) Swiss or German brand
2. A mechanical movement (Swiss/German origin), ETA2824 or ETA6498 for example
3. No plastic parts on the outside (excludes Swatch for example)
4. Stainless steel casing
5. Sapphire crystal

Of course, there are numerous great alternatives, but?Ǭ†I had to make choices A Decent Watch Under 1000 USD, Check Motoring Exposure!

Please read the article by clicking here

A Decent Watch Under 1000 USD, Check Motoring Exposure!
A Decent Watch Under 1000 USD, Check Motoring Exposure!
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Robert-Jan Broer

Founder & Editor at Fratello Watches
Robert-Jan Broer, born in 1977, watch collector and author on watches for over a decade. Founder of Fratello Watches in 2004.
A Decent Watch Under 1000 USD, Check Motoring Exposure!
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  1. Marcel Reply

    Why not a nice Orient Star? I recently bought a WZ0031DE (rose gold) from Japan. Great watch, even better looking on the wrist. And… very well priced. Easily compares with swiss watches that are 3 times more expensive…

  2. Robert-Jan Reply

    Hi Marcel,

    Because it doens’t comply with my first two rules (of 5). :) However, I am receiving an Orient Star soon for reviewing purposes. I think it is an interesting brand and can’t wait to check it out.


  3. Cornbiter Deluxe Reply

    The first two rules seem rather arbitrary to me as far as a “decent” watch. I think in the under $1k market, Japanese watches need to be considered.

  4. Robert-Jan Reply

    Understood, but I had to set some limitations :) Like I wrote before, Japanese watches are coming up.

  5. Felix Reply

    I’d go for the Stowa MO, (maybe cheating a bit on price?) and maybe a Hamilton Jazzmaster for a chronograph.

  6. Dimitris Reply

    The Tissot is actually the PRS516, not PSR.

    1. Robert-Jan Reply

      Thanks, I will correct it.

  7. Dimitris Reply

    Btw, since this was an article for a motoring magazine, it would probably have been good to mention that Sinn made a special edition 656 for the Mazda MX5. You can see photos here: http://www.antiwatchman.com/watch.php?NUM=S-0491 and here: http://relojesexclusivos.com/catalogo/relojes/508-sinn-656-mazda-mx-5/

    1. Robert-Jan Reply

      Nice DImitris! But I don’t think it is available anymore. Perhaps on the used market.


  8. Jerome Pineau Reply

    Hi Robert-Jan,

    As the new community manager for Marvin Watches (www.marvinwatches.com) I might point out our timepieces all match your 5 filter points :)

    Additionally, Marvin has had a very close relationship with motoring in its 160 year history by partnering with some of the great like Ferrari, Benz, Jaguar, MG, Chevrolet and even Rover. Not to mention racing legends like Fangio for example :) Matter of fact, we’re continuing that tradition as our new ambassador Sebastien Loeb is obviously more than well known in the racing/rally world.

    I encourage you and your readers to check out our new website. And contact me if I can do anything for them or answer any questions!


  9. Paul Santori Reply

    I just bought the PRS516 AUTOMATIC for $600, I love this watch and would recommend the PRS516 Chronograph also.

  10. www.centralcontracts.com Reply

    I think the Sinn 656 is easily the best one there – the simplicity and elegance outshines the others. Fantastic choices.

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