A Mechanical Automatic Chronograph Under $900USD – Tissot's Veloci-T Chronograph Reviewed

For my friends over at WatchUseek, I wrote an article on Tissot’s Veloci-T Automatic Chronograph. A very impressive timepiece which retails for $895 at your local Tissot dealer.

If you are looking for a nice mechanical timepiece below the magic $1000 USD price, this Tissot sports watch is definitely worth checking out. I really love the small peek hole to enable the owner to look at the mechanical movement. This watch jumps in the gap that exists between quartz watches and mechanical (non-chronograph) timepieces of less known brands and the mechanical watches of the mid-segment brands like Longines, Tag Heuer, Sinn and so on. Tissot is member of the Swatch Group (that has brands from Flik-Flak to Breguet) and has a rich history of watchmaking over the last 150 years.

Click here for the article on the Tissot Veloci-T

A Mechanical Automatic Chronograph Under $900USD   Tissot's Veloci T Chronograph Reviewed


  1. Klr8 Reply

    Do you have any idea what movement is being used in this watch?

    1. Robert-Jan Reply


      Yes, it is the new ETA C01.211 movement. It is a low cost chronograph movement, and I am not sure, but I think it will only be used within the Swatch Group.

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