And that was 2007

Robert-Jan Broer
December 31, 2007
And that was 2007

Like last year, a word of thank you to my sponsors Steiner in Maastricht, Henrik at SubGMT, Squiggly and Blancier watches. For 2008, 121Time will be added as well.

Next, thanks to all contributors (special thank you to Gerard Nijenbrinks for posting some messages while I was away) and all people who used to comment button 🙂 Also, to all people who mailed me with hints or suggestions for new topics. I hope to keep up the frequency of posts (at least once a week) like the last few months or even better ;).

2007 has been a bit in the light of Rolex, since that brand got my interest more and more, but I will try to cover a broader range of watches in 2008.

Thanks, visitors of this Fratello blog! Have a great new year’s eve and all the best for 2008!

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