Atelier Del Sur

Atelier Del Sur does it right!

This handmade watch strap company stands out from the crowd
June 10, 2019
Atelier Del Sur does it right!

Atelier Del Sur is a small company of long time watch collectors and leather artisans with more than 20 years in the handmade leather business, but just recently felt the need of making what they were looking for years, high quality handmade watch straps with no machine interventions.

When you order a strap from Atelier Del Sur the process starts and ends with one craftsman that creates the entire strap from beginning to end. His or her hand makes every cut, application of wax, buff of the hide and hand stitch. That is by far not the most efficient way of making anything, and very few things today are made this way: but it does imbue the final product with a soul as if it was made personally from one watch fan to another.

Atelier Del Sur

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This company checks many boxes about what gets watch fans excited about a watch strap: human craftsmanship and fine materials mixed with a passion that is impossible to match in bulk high volume strap stores.

As you can see on their webpage here, they use the finest Argentinian leathers. Argentina’s free range, grazing grown cattle in the lands of the Pampa grasses are arguably the best in the world and most sought after leathers and exotic hides & skins on the planet.

Atelier Del Sur

The design is deeply focused in the golden years of horology, the 50´s and 60´s, and it’s easy to see why: the smooth edges, the floating single keeper, hand stitched, and what really makes this brand unique “the double sided buckle”, a piece of high quality stainless steel that has no comparison in the market, once you try one it’s easy to see why they brought back to life this old school design.

Atelier Del Sur

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Every two piece strap can be ordered in many variables, from 18 to 22mm, and what is important to notice are the wrist sizes available, they can be made in small, regular or large sizes, a fine touch very much appreciated for some with small or large wrists.

Atelier Del Sur

Few things are more exciting than seeing a master craftsman’s work on something they are passionate about. And when that point is reached, it’s difficult to set eyes on anything else. It can confidently be said that Atelier del Sur does it right: they are one of the finest straps you can buy.


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