Benrus is one of those (vintage) brands that has not being re-invented by investors (yet). Luckily, because in most cases, the results are horrible. Benrus is also a brand that has some very nice time pieces (like the one below or the Sky Chief for example) that is nice to wear/have at a reasonable price.

Michiel van der Arend bought this 38mm Benrus Ultra-Deep diver and allowed me to put it for show here at Fratello! 🙂

  • That thing looks great imho. Really reminds me of the vintage SM300 too.

  • georges zaslavsky

    a great diver of the 60’s

  • Is anyone out there selling a Benrus Ultra-Deep???

    Please let me know!!

  • mike

    i have been thinking of selling was running when i bought it, it did however need some work. what was done was service and cleaning, it needed a stem and crown,and new a crystal. work was done by yellow stone watch co. but when he replaced the crystal he used a plastic one not glass,so the bezel does not rotate fully around like it did with the glass.dial and hands look nice for their age lume stiil works but does not hold long. all i can say is make me an offer i do love the watch but i think im gonna sell off my older ones.i also have a hamilton compressor double crown if interested

  • Paul Mueller

    i have one that i just came upon and i need to know if there is anyway to have it cleaned, where i can get an original band, or if the crystal can be replaced.