…according to the prestigious Watch of the Year 2005 Award in Japan that is. Not too long ago, the watch received the award of ‚ÄúBest Design 2005‚Äù at the Grand Prix d‚ÄôHorlogerie de la Ville de Gen?®ve.

Europastar.Com writes:

“The Watch of the Year Award is hosted by the World Photo Press (WPP), publisher for many magazines including watch magazine ‚ÄúWorld Wrist Watch Time Spec‚Äù. The Watch of the Year celebrates its 10th year anniversary this year.

The Sports Professional Watch category is awarded to a highly operative watch that excels in its function. Hublot recently re-launched its ‚Äúfusion‚Äù concept. Big Bang, the winner at the ‚ÄúWatch of The Year Award 2005‚Äù in Japan, is the biggest model among the watch line available at Hublot, 44.5mm, and is immediately recognizable through the multi-layered construction of its case that allows a play on materials, red gold and tantalum, steel and ceramic, carbon and rubber, and thanks to its lateral Kevlar¬Æ insert that makes the rubber strap seems to be passing directly through the body of the watch.”

  • Martijn

    Dont understand the excitement of this watch. Put a picture next to it from a AP RO offshore in pink gold with black rubber and it is hard to spot the difference. I think the “traditional” Hublot-models where/are very innovative, but this one…I dont get it.

  • Bas

    I agree with Martijn: this is an AP rip-off. I also think it is really ugly but that’s a matter of taste I guess.

    Furthermore, I don’t consider it a sports watch because it’s not very legible in the dark. A sports watch has a matt black dial, white hands and white markers, both with luminous paint. Period.

  • georges zaslavsky

    It looks like a rip off of an AP off shore and the movement is just a basic 7750, so nothing to be proud of.