At TimeZone, Mike Margolis quotes an email from Jean-Claude Biver. JC Biver is the man behind Hublot. He¬†seems to follow some other smart CEO’s from watch manufacturers, by posting and scanning on watch forums. Below his email, as quoted by Mike Margolis:

“This a new sponsoring agreement made with Luna Rossa (which belongs in majority to Prada) in order to make a special Big Bang, all in the materials used in the America‚Äôs Cup boat. Full ceramic, Kevlar, carbon, titanium and rubber. A total synergy between the boat and the watch plus a total synergy between the two brands. Which are both not only luxury brands, but work both with the ‚Äúfusion ‚Äúconcept. In fact we could not have a better partner, 1000 watches will be made and will be sold all over the world including in some of the Prada‚Äôs flagship stores of Italy.A phenomenal event for Hublot and a great opportunity to join the America‚Äôs Cup!Deliveries will only start in November.The watch is a 44,5mm ceramic Big Bang (same case as All Black, but with a special carbon dial bearing the log of Luna Rossa).

Luna Rossa is a very strong team and might very well win the Cup. So we are not only with the best luxury brand, but are also with a winning team.”