1810 was a remarkable milestone for watchmaking history. Caroline Murat, the younger sister of Napoléon Bonaparte and a huge art collector with her singular vision of beauty acquired over 30 Breguet watches and clocks. It may not come as a surprise, but one of them was special as it was designed to be worn on the wrist by Breguet’s artisans at Quai de l’Horloge in Paris.

Men still preferred to possess traditional pocket watches. But the Queen of Naples revolutionized the way timepieces could be worn. With the delivery of the first wristwatch in 1812, the chic oblong-shaped repeater with a moon-phase indicator and a thermometer on a gold thread bracelet became a revolution in the watch industry. Breguet’s wristlets were not only extremely popular among women, resulting in some genuinely lavish designs, but also created a new exciting era for the industry.


Reine de Naples 8918 Modern Iteration Of The Wristlet

The Reine de Naples 8918 is replete with the modern design codes of the Maison, but it does not neglect its roots. It is influenced by the time Breguet designed a timepiece for Caroline Murat.

They give the piece an undeniably extravagant personality.

Its refined design boasts an 18 karat white gold oval case measuring 36.5×28.45 mm. 117 diamonds adorn the bezel and the dial flange. They give the piece an undeniably extravagant personality. Simultaneously, a crown embellished with a briolette-cut diamond shows the brand’s attention to detail.


The most charming feature of this timepiece is the white grand feu enamel dial. As you know I’m obsessed with light dials. This one stole my heart immediately. What makes this dial so magical is the technique behind its creation.

…grand feu enamel is alive and kicking.

Enameling seems to be a dying craft. Breguet is, however, committed to maintaining these craft skills. In this Swiss Maison, grand feu enamel is alive and kicking. Artisans coat the Reine de Naples’ display surface with vitreous enamel before firing it at temperatures exceeding 800°C. The result is something of a signature aesthetic for Breguet. And it is one of which I doubt I’ll ever tire.



The dial may well be chromatically simple, but it is far from dull. An off-center dial with blue Arabic numerals is brought to life by the blued Breguet hands. The pear-shaped diamond placed at 6 o’clock adds a bit of unexpected flair to proceedings. Above that, Breguet’s secret signature remains, giving the wearer a little treat every time it catches the light. The light blue alligator leather strap gently highlights the temper of the watch. A diamond-paved folding buckle is a perfect complement to the elegant band also.

The Reine de Naples 8918 employs on-trend pastels…

This appealing timepiece blends opulence with modernity. The color choices make it sleek and versatile. It works with everything from cute feminine dresses with oversized victorian sleeves to classic staples with a rockstar edge. The Reine de Naples 8918 employs on-trend pastels and leans on the “diamonds are forever” vibes that will keep you chic all year long.


The Movement

Not only a new way of wearing the World’s first wristwatch was a starring role in Breguet’s creative visions from the 19th century, a mechanical movement with incredible features made this story even more compelling. Inspired by its heritage, inside Reine de Naples we find a self-winding, in-house Calibre 537/3. The 19mm movement generates a power reserve of 45 hours and it’s capable of doing so thanks to 191 components finished entirely by hand. The white gold rotor is decorated with alluring guilloché finishing.


The Ultimate Vessel For The Rebel At Heart

Breguet has been supplying and creating exceptional watches throughout its nearly 250-year history. For me, the Reine de Naples 8918 is an icon that comfortably meets women’s everyday needs. The oval case inspired by the first woman’s wristwatch and incredible automatic in-house movement evokes the strength and sensitivity of women’s watches.

…a powerful medium for expressing individuality.

A timepiece can be a powerful medium for expressing individuality. Reine de Naples is one of these watches that wearing might empower individuals not just through the story that stands behind it, but through being a strong accent emphasizing the nature of womanhood. The retail price for this beauty is CHF 36,500. For more information please visit the Breguet website.