Remember our review about Bulang & Sons straps? As part of our monthly Watch Strap Review series, editor Balazs Ferenczi makes sure to try & review all the straps out there that matter. Well, now you can also visit the Bulang and Sons lounge in Maastricht, The Netherlands to see all straps and other accessories in the flesh before you buy.

On the 2nd of May, Berhard Bulang (and sons) opened a beautiful lounge that is not only about watches and watch straps (although there are a lot of them), but also about other “essentials for urban survival”. A couple of beautiful vintage bicycles, clothing, vintage Louis Vuitton bags, a nice turntable, fountain pens and so on. The place is beautifully designed and decorated, and feels like a nice large living room where you’ll be surrounded by cool items, mostly vintage.

I decided to expand my collection of straps a bit and also purchased a watch roll that comes in very handy when travelling (see below).

Bulang and Sons roll and straps

Fratello Watches was present with Gerard, Bert and myself and we had a great time. Not only did we meet some great watch enthusiasts from Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom and of course The Netherlands, we also got treated on a beautiful boat trip.

The catering was outstanding and Bernhard also spoke a few words to all the guests and his wife, who had to put up with his dreams and listen to his crazy ideas all the time 🙂 It was a great evening with a lot of watch talk and some stunning (mainly vintage) watches to admire.

Without further ado, here goes the photo report of that evening.

150502_Bulang-8149 150502_Bulang-8142 150502_Bulang-8143 150502_Bulang-8144 150502_Bulang-8145 150502_Bulang-8147 150502_Bulang-8151 150502_Bulang-8152 150502_Bulang-8155 150502_Bulang-8157 150502_Bulang-8160 150502_Bulang-8178 150502_Bulang-8183 150502_Bulang-8187 150502_Bulang-8189 150502_Bulang-8193 150502_Bulang-8199 150502_Bulang-8235 150502_Bulang-8247 150502_Bulang-8249 150502_Bulang-8250 150502_Bulang-8251 150502_Bulang-8252 150502_Bulang-8255 150502_Bulang-8256

For more information about Bulang and Sons, visit his website (or his lounge).