Cartier loves to create bold luxury jewelry watches. Especially given the fact that a large portion of Cartier’s legacy comprises magnificent jewels designed for royal families and the sweethearts of Hollywood’s Golden Age. The Maillon de Cartier aims to capture the same glamor in one spectacular, jewel-set object.

Cartier has gone ultra-feminine. The desire to create an exceptional timepiece for women has led the French brand to accent the watch bracelet. As such, the Maillon de Cartier line is a sumptuous expression of sexiness.

The chain-link bracelet is simply gorgeous. It overawes all other elements of this design and takes center stage as Cartier surely intended. The hexagonally shaped bezel is flawlessly integrated with the bracelet. Despite the case measuring 16mm by 17mm in diameter and 6.8mm in thickness, the case looks quite massive with such a wide bezel. Roman numerals and blued sword hands keep this glamorous model grounded in respectful tradition.


The movement

The movement of Maillon de Cartier is the least thrilling element. At the heart of each model is a quartz module. The mechanism fits perfectly inside such a tiny case and makes the timepiece lighter to wear which might be a good thing in the case of full gold watches.

This ebullient model comes in seven variations. The starting point is a simple design made of 18-karat yellow gold. A single sapphire cabochon set on the crown is the most extravagant thing about that model. From there on in, things get a little more…extreme…

There are options in 18-karat rose and white gold also. For lovers of sparkly things, the Maillon de Cartier comes either with a diamond-paved bezel or a full-set case. Additionally, the Maillon de Cartier collection contains two limited/numbered editions. An 18-karat yellow gold model fully set with 581 diamonds is limited to 50 pieces, while 20 lucky customers will have a chance to purchase the 18-karat white gold wristwatch set with 300 diamonds, 96 tsavorites, and decorated with lacquered geometrical elements.


Bold Wristlets

Without no doubt, this is about as feminine as it gets. I am personally really feeling that this design. It is all about discretion, glamour, and pure sexiness. And it is not without Cartier’s trademark hint of elegance. A captivating bracelet, an extraordinary bezel, and precious metals are a heady cocktail. This range will attract a lot of confident women who don’t mind showing off a bit. I feel that the brand has done its research and is making the right moves to pull its female clients into Cartier’s universe.