Over the past couple of months, we have seen quite a few new Casio G-Shock introductions that celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand. It’s been great to see the creativity in all of these new watches. But in the end, it’s all about the biggest icons that the brand has produced that make for the greatest anniversary models. For this special Remaster Black series, G-Shock came up with a very cool concept, releasing four of its biggest icons in stealthy black versions with the reference numbers of the 49 most important G-Shock models stamped on the strap. These four models offer a great timeline of 40 years of G-Shock and might just be the best anniversary models that have been released yet this year.

When it comes to G-Shock, we have seen a great injection of creativity in terms of new materials, construction novelties, and material finishes over the past couple of years. But when I think about my first love for G-Shocks, I mostly think about the simple and most affordable models. There is something great about these as they are the best proof of concept. If a G-Shock works in its simplest form and still has that great visual appeal, that makes it a great watch for me. Don’t get me wrong; I adore all the wild G-Shocks that I’ve had a chance to review over the past couple of years. But when I saw the new Remaster Black series, I was reminded of the first G-Shock watches that I owned. I wore them religiously for a long time, and that gave G-Shock such a special place in my heart.

Casio G-Shock Remaster Black

The Remaster Black Series concept

The concept of the G-Shock Remaster Black series is actually quite simple. At the same time, it’s brilliant and makes for a great set of four timepieces. First off, G-Shock chose its four most iconic silhouettes (actually, it’s five, but we’ll get to that). The brand then executed the four timepieces in stealthy black, a look we have seen for all four of them before. However, by making the watches black, G-Shock created the perfect dark canvas for a great list of 49 unique historical references from the brand that have shaped G-Shock into what it is now.

The 49 references (or names, if you will) were chosen as they represent the innovative advancements in structure, function, materials, and design that the brand has delivered over time. You can find the full list on the G-Shock website. The model names are imprinted on the strap through a hot-stamping process. This presses the lettering into the strap and gives it a nice textural effect. All four straps come with a gold-colored stainless steel keeper with four stars to signify four decades of G-Shock.

The four models that G-Shock chose

So, what four models made it into this special Remaster Black series? The first is the DWE-5657RE, which is based on the G-Shock DW-5600. In a nice twist, the DWE-5657RE comes with an interchangeable bezel. Changing the bezel transforms the watch into the round DW-5700. So, essentially, you get a fifth silhouette. The second model is the DW-6640RE based on the DW-6600, the first G-Shock equipped with a backlight. The third is the GA-114RE, which is based on the analog-digital GA-110. The last of the four is the GA-2140RE, which is another great pick as it is based on the GA-2100 that we also know as the “CasiOak.”

Each of the four models has special 40th-anniversary characteristics besides being its own reference with accompanying functions. All four feature an anniversary logo engraved on the case back.

Three of the models feature a star engraved on the lower-left button, whereas the GA-114RE has a star engraved in the glass at the 40-minute mark. On both the DWE-5657RE and the DW-6640RE, the anniversary logo appears when the backlight is on.

New modules and special packaging

The bezels and straps are made with the usual bio-based resins that G-Shock uses for less environmental impact. The newly developed modules employed in the DWE-5657RE and DW-6640RE provide a high-brightness LED backlight and a battery life of five years. All four models come in special packaging celebrating the 40th anniversary of G-Shock. When it comes to the different functions, the watches have the same capabilities as their regular peers.

Now let’s talk prices. For the Square DWE-5657RE with its interchangeable bezel, the price is €179. The DW-6640RE and the GA-114RE are both €169, and the CasiOak GA-2140RE is the most affordable at €149. For the money, you will get one of the four most iconic models executed in a stealthy black with the G-Shock timeline as part of the watch. It is a smart idea that looks brilliant. On top of that, the colors and concept make for a great daily wearer, no matter which one you choose. In the end, it’s all a matter of personal preference. But word on the street is that all four models will sell quickly, with the DW6640RE as the most popular must-have as it brings back the DW-6600 that was very popular during its time in the mid-1990s and 2000s.

The Remaster Black Series on the wrist

On the wrist, all four models have a distinct presence and wear differently. Having said that, all four models are super comfortable. But the difference in size will greatly influence people’s choices. The biggest out of the four is the analog-digital GA-114RE with its 55mm × 51.2mm × 16.9mm case. I own two models from the same series, and they are big, bulky watches. The DW-6640RE is also quite substantial in size with its 53.2mm × 50mm × 18.7mm case size. The thickness of the watch is a result of the case construction with the integration of the big button to fire up the backlight. But I also own multiple models in this series and have never found them to feel bulky on the wrist.

Sure, the size is not suited for small wrists, but the GA-110 line has always struck me as the far bigger and chunkier watch. If you want a smaller G-Shock, the “Square” or “CasiOak” are your options. The Square DWE-5657RE comes in at 48.9mm × 43.8mm × 13.7mm and is the smallest in diameter (the second measurement). The CasiOak GA-2140RE, at 48.5mm × 45.4mm × 11.8mm, is the thinnest of the four. If you own a Square or a CasiOak, you know how comfortable they are to wear daily.

Initial impressions of the Remaster Black Series

By now, you will understand that I love this series of 40th Anniversary models. I think the idea of creating a timeline is super clever, and I love that it’s done in such a stealthy way. Due to the different strap designs, the timeline is the least impactful on the GA-114RE. Consequently, that would not be my favorite out of the four. I would probably go for the Square DWE-5657RE or the DW-6640RE because those are the series that I grew up with.

As I already own a blacked-out DW-5600BB, the DW-6640RE would be the logical pick. Especially next to my fully white DW-6900WW, it is a great addition to my small G-Schock collection. But as I don’t have a CasiOak yet, the GA-2140RE would also be a very tempting choice. Whatever your choice will be, the Remaster Black series makes for a great quartet of 40th-anniversary watches that will surely have a lot of fans running to the stores. I am sure G-Shock will grace us with more anniversary models this year, but I’m sure these will be among the best of all of them. A great concept with great looks for four iconic G-Shock models — what’s not to love?

For more information, visit the official G-Shock website, and tell us in the comments section which of the four models is your favorite.