Formula 1’s rising star Charles Leclerc has proven himself a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack. But beyond the high-g world of Grand Prix, Leclerc harbors another passion — timepieces. This passion recently took a surprising turn with the announcement of his investment in Chrono24, the world’s leading online marketplace for luxury watches. As part of the same group as Chrono24, Fratello is excited to share this news.

Charles Leclerc Chrono24

Chrono24 Founder Tim Stracke and F1 driver Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc and watches

While Leclerc isn’t famous for flaunting an extensive watch collection, his keen eye for timepieces hasn’t escaped us. Sharp F1 fans will recall him sporting some serious wrist candy on the podium and favoring Richard Mille’s technically audacious creations. This hints at a genuine appreciation for the world of horology, a welcome development for watch enthusiasts who sometimes find the F1 crowd disconnected from the finer things.

The partnership between Leclerc and Chrono24 feels like a well-executed pit stop. Chrono24’s watch market platform and focus on buyer and seller security align perfectly with the precision and reliability demanded in both F1 and watch collecting.

Charles Leclerc Chrono24

Charles Leclerc — Image: Ferrari Media Center

Unification between watch lovers around the world

Leclerc’s investment, however, goes beyond pure financial interest. In a statement released by Chrono24, Leclerc chimed in, saying, “The watch world has long captivated me as one of my many passions.” This enthusiast’s perspective could prove invaluable for Chrono24, fostering a connection with a younger generation of watch collectors who might not readily identify with the traditional luxury watch market. Leclerc continued, “There’s a real unification between watch lovers around the world, and my brother and I are excited to be an even deeper part of that community through our investment involvement with Chrono24.”

Charles Leclerc — Image: Ferrari Media Center

“We are extremely proud to welcome Charles and Lorenzo into our Chrono24 adventure,” comments Chrono24 CEO Carsten Keller. “These brothers are highly esteemed and share our passion for watches as well as our company’s drive for excellence. Their savvy is formidable, and together, we are poised to reach new heights.”

“The idea of a sporting legend like Charles Leclerc joining Chrono24 as an investor is thrilling,” adds Chrono24 Founder and Chairman of the Board Tim Stracke, who fostered the Formula One driver’s investment when they began the conversation as avid watch enthusiasts in 2022. “He has achieved an incredible legacy already very early in his life, and his prowess as a young investor is a great example of his passion for performance.”

Chrono24 CEO Tim Strack and Cristiano Ronaldo

Chrono24 Founder Tim Stracke and Cristiano Ronaldo

Leclerc joins the list of Chrono24 investors

Charles Leclerc and his brother Lorenzo, who consults him in his entrepreneurial ventures, join several prominent Chrono24 investors. They include international football superstar and luxury watch uber-collector Cristiano Ronaldo (announced in July 2023) as well as Bernard Arnault’s family investment company Aglae Ventures, General Atlantic, Insight Partners, and Sprints Capital. In August 2021, these companies led Chrono24’s Series C investment round, totaling €100 million. This followed Chrono24’s 2019 Series B financing of €43 million from Sprints Capital, former Richemont director Gianni Serazzi, and YOOX-NET-A-PORTER founder Alberto Grignolo, among others, as well as the company’s €37 million Series A from Insight Partners in 2015. All these investments have helped Chrono24, now valued at over US$1 billion, claim an unparalleled position in the luxury watch market.

Of course, there’s also the undeniable marketing potential of Charles Leclerc’s involvement. His immense popularity and association with high-performance engineering undoubtedly bring a certain cachet to Chrono24. It will be interesting to see how this partnership unfolds. Will Leclerc become an ambassador or perhaps even curate a special collection on the platform? Only time will tell, but one thing’s certain: Charles Leclerc’s strategic investment in Chrono24 marks a fascinating lap in the world of Formula 1 and watch collecting.