COMEX Submariner From First Owner For Sale

Robert-Jan Broer
October 16, 2010
COMEX Submariner From First Owner For Sale

Just stumbled across this Rolex Submariner COMEX, auctioned by its first owner a former COMEX diver. The description of the auction tells us that the owner got this watch in the late 1960s when he was doing professional diving work in the North Sea. This watch, which has not been serviced at all since the first owner received it, is now for sale. The watch is in an all original condition, but the lack of maintenance is clearly visible. Perhaps this is the way Rolex collectors like it anyway. The current bid on this nr.401 COMEX watch is 8.100,- UKP and still has 6 days left.

Tony, the seller, also stated that he has not worn this watch in years since – and I quote – “I stopped wearing it offshore because I thought I could easily loose it. I stopped wearing it onshore because my main activity in those days was consuming large amounts of alcohol, falling down etc;”.

Click here for the auction on eBay. An interesting website on COMEX watches is

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