Lazy Sunday Watch Photo – Rolex Submariner in White Gold

    Lazy Sunday Watch Photo – Rolex Submariner in White Gold

    This 18 carat white gold Rolex Submariner ref. 116619LB is the indisputable King of the Submariner family. No one is probably ever going to take a dive with it, but they know they can if they want to. Or need to. You never know (the James Bond theme comes to mind).

    Dutch Rolex / watch collector ‘Ryan5446’ is the owner and photographer of this stunning Submariner. This watch is nick named ‘Smurf’ but I am sure it has nothing to do with its size or weight, but everything with the nice blue color of the dial and Cerachrom bezel. Furthermore, it has all the specifications of the regular line-up of the Submariner watches, with the exception of the Submariner No Date ref. 14060m, which haven’t been replaced yet. My guess is that Rolex will introduce a new Submariner No Date version during BaselWorld 2012.

    One of the coolest features of the new Rolex watches is the Oyster bracelet with Rolex Glidelock clasp. This clasp allows you to fine-tune the bracelet size for your wrist during the day, without using any tools or bend paper clips (which I use for setting the clasp correctly on my trust old Sea-Dweller ref.16600).

    Another aspect that goes beyond ‘Smurf’ is the price of this watch, a whopping 26.560,- Euro (approximately $38,565.12 USD).

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