Robert-Jan Broer
October 15, 2004
COSC 2003

Federation of the Swiss watch industry provided the Controle officiel suisse des chronometres (COSC) numbers of 2003. For the chronometer-newbies: these are the numbers of chronometer-certificates given to watchproducers in 2003. The factories with less than 1000 chronometer certificates are not on the published list.

Here are the first few:

1. Rolex with 756,408 certificates
2. Omega with 207,668 certificates
3. Breitling with 107,689 certificates
4. Panerai with 36,714 cerfiticates

For the rest of the list, click here…

Chronocentric has a nice article on their site about accuracy/COSC.


Robert-Jan Broer
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