When you own a Panerai, it is a simple job to get a decent custom made strap for it. When you own an IWC Ingenieur (ref.3227), it is a bit harder…the IWC soft strap of the AMG version will fit perfectly, but IWC doesn’t make a leather strap for this model.

Jacob from Spain creates leather straps for all types and makes of watches. Including a strap for the IWC Ingenieur. I heard about it via e-mail, when a reader of this blog noticed that Jacob was making these straps and did know that I own a 3227 as well 🙂 The writer of the mail also sent me a link to a short review of the Jacob strap for the IWC Ingenieur on Watch Talk Forums (click here).

Before I clicked, I wondered if Jacob had made a solid construction for the strap ends (that are being connected to the case with a genius spring system). And he did. Jacob uses a steel core layer to give the strap the proper ‘strength’, because the construction of the lugs and strap could easily ‘break’ the strap if not strengthened by something more solid inside it. I think the official IWC soft strap uses the same kind of construction with a metal core inside.

Price for an IWC Ingenieur strap is 130 Euro, excluding shipping costs. Prices (and some examples) of IWC Ingenieur straps can be found here: http://www.jacobstraps.com/Serie%20IWC%20for%20INGY%20Cocodrilo%20.htm

Below is an example picture (from Jacob’s website) of the Ingy strap:

Thanks to Maarten for letting me know!

  • Looks like a beautiful strap and very nice piece of work.

    However, like with other Gerald Genta bracelet integrated designs which were changed to leather strap design (Nautilus, Royal Oak), to me it gives a bit of a amputated feeling…

  • That’s a nice strap! Although i tend to agree with Gerard i must admit that sometimes i really enjoyed wearing my Ingenieur Chrono on the soft strap meant for the Ingenieur AMG series. Sometimes you just wanna loose a bit of weight, since it’s a ‘heavy brotha’.

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for your comments. I agree with Gerard that a Gerald Genta design (or derived model like the 3227 Ingenieur) should be with an integrated (steel) bracelet. However, as Frank says, the watch is kinda heavy and you might want to be able to switch bracelet/strap some times. Perhaps also for some kind of occasion.

    The perfect fit of this custom made strap at least attempts to keep the shape of the watch and strap/bracelet in tact.

    Anyhows, I would love to see one in the flesh before I order one 🙂 Although I have a soft strap for mine, I rarely use it.


  • martijn

    Hi Guys,

    I have 3 of these straps… they are great! I agree steel is just perfect but it also looks great on light brown/ black and dark brown.

    I have on the other had both the 3227 and 3228.

    Great watches and movement!

    Jacob is a great guy and excellent service! Very trusted,


    • Aimran

      Hi Martijn, mind sending pic of your 3228 with leather straps? I was thinking of ordering one dark brown straps.

  • Vic

    Just order it for the aquatimer. been looking everywhere for custom straps