Stay ahead of the game with the most punctual piece of tech the dark future has ever seen. Its retro-futuristic design and titanium build make the T-2077 as eye-catching as the flashiest cyberware in Night City — but you won’t find this gem in just any old ripperdoc clinic.

Cyberpunk 2077 was the most anticipated computer game of 2020 by far. Its introduction might not have been flawless, but one year after the presentation, all flaws seem to have been ironed out. It’s a perfect time to introduce a spectacular timepiece inspired by the game’s virtual world.

T-2077 top

Cyberpunk T-2077 by Błonie

The Polish developer of Cyberpunk 2077, CD PROJECT RED, contacted Poland’s major watchmaker BŁONIE Sp. to help develop this watch. And Błonie definitely didn’t disappoint. The design and execution of the T-2077 are nothing less than spectacular. The watch has the precise, technological aesthetic that you’d expect from the latest cyberware.

CyberpunkT2077 side

The timepiece, forged in grade-2 titanium, captures the cutting-edge and high-tier Night City style. It provides a piece of technology that is both a throwback to history and a celebration of the ultra-modern future. It pays tribute to the Cyberpunk game’s megalopolis of Night City in a way that displays its resilience, adaptability, and innovation. The form factor ensures that you won’t find this watch just lying around anywhere else.

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Owning the T-2077

Owning the T-2077 is owning a piece of Night City. No, more than that, it is an upgrade that helps you own yourself. It keeps you on schedule and lets you make the most of every minute. Whether you were raised on the streets of Heywood, trained in the boardrooms of Arasaka, or forged in the deserts of the Badlands, the T-2077 makes for a powerful and ever-reliable companion.

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Blockchain certified

When you purchase the T-2077, you own it. An obvious statement? Perhaps. But it might not be one in the way you would think. This limited edition wristwatch features Blockchain encryption technology. Powered by Arianee, it will certify your individual watch to you and nobody else. Scanning the QR-code that accompanies the watch, you can ensure your T-2077 will remain linked to you for as long as you want.

This unique feature makes this investment one that is virtually impossible to duplicate or counterfeit. Its certification is server-stored and validated; even the most skilled hackers can’t gain ownership of your T-2077 certification. And if should you wish to pass your T-2077 on to someone else, you can efficiently transfer ownership through the app, which can record your T-2077’s history for years to come. You’ll find a demo certificate through this link, and it will direct to the related mobile app as well.

T-2077 case back

Technical notes on the Cyberpunk T-2077

Błonie made the Cyberpunk T-2077 in pure grade-2 titanium. It’s a light material that is comfortable to wear and also has excellent hypoallergenic properties. In comparison to steel, many still regard it as a rather futuristic material. This makes it a perfect match for the Cyberpunk 2077 computer game.

Wearing the Cyberpunk T-2077

A dedicated time module

The inwardly sloped glass is another point of interest. Don’t expect something like cheap plastic here. Błonie chose a sturdy mineral crystal and even coated it with a sapphire layer to enhance scratch resistance. Behind this slightly darkened glass hides the electronic time module. It’s a dedicated module with an orange LED display, one specially developed for the Cyberpunk T-2077 watch. It sports the time, with hours (in either 12 or 24-hour format) and minutes, while separate seconds and the date (MM/DD) are available at the push of a button. As a nod to the game, the date ends in the year 2077.

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Conclusion, packaging, and price

As you probably tell, I’m a fan of this piece! Wearing the Cyberpunk T-2077 is fun, big time. The mental discomfort of a watch that only shows the time at the push of a button immediately disappears thanks to its spectacular form factor and wearability. Seeing the orange LED display glow is a real pleasure. It recalls times gone by, but in a watch that , at the same time, represents a dark future. The responsiveness of the operation button is remarkably spot-on as well, and the eight-second duration that the LED will glow is just right.


The packaging is convincing as well, and it’s perfectly in line with the quality level of the watch.  A tough yellow and black cardboard box slides open to reveal the watch. Inside, there’s a compartment housing the QR code for the Blockchain certificate. In my opinion, for such a spectacular and exclusive product, a price of €440 ($499) is very reasonable. Pre-ordering is open at the time of writing, and will close when either 700 pieces have been allocated or at the end of December 2021 — whichever occurs first. With 18 million copies of the game sold, I can imagine that you’ll have to act quickly. Delivery is expected in June 2022.

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