Delma Shell Star – Swiss Made Dive Watch Heritage and Mastery

November 02, 2016
Delma Shell Star – Swiss Made Dive Watch Heritage and Mastery

The Delma Shell Star Automatic is one of the brand’s most iconic models and is a true dive watch. An ideal companion, it is equal to the toughest challenges, whether on the open seas, under water, on a mountaintop or on any other adventure. The new edition of this timeless stainless steel watch from Delma again demonstrates the traditional Swiss watch brand’s mastery.

In 1975 Delma launched its first professional dive watch, the Delma Shell Star, which proved to be a landmark for the company, extending its legacy of underwater timepieces. The new Shell Star retains the distinctively sporty appearance and is now equipped with a helium valve and a rugged stainless leather strap. Its automatic movement delivers flawless performance in the harshest conditions as it is powered solely by the activity of its wearer. The 42-hour power reserve guarantees that the watch will continue to run even on its day off.


Dive watches: also ideal out of the water

Dive watches are the most robust products in the horological world. Not only are they water-resistant, but they are also built to withstand challenging environments. Their steel cases must endure the water pressure that increases with every foot a diver descends, and they have to resist mechanical shocks without leaking. Thus a dive watch is the ideal companion for almost any sport. The watch can handle all the obstacles – including water, extreme heat or cold shocks – that its wearer might encounter.



Delma Shell Star Automatic

The unidirectional rotating bezel with its clearly legible color-coded minute indexing in anodized aluminum is a great aid for timing short actions. The watch’s imposing 44mm case gives it the character of an instrument and makes it highly legible in any lighting conditions, including underwater.


Precise craftsmanship, timeless design

Despite the exacting technical requirements, Delma’s engineers were able to equip the watch with a transparent case back that allows a clear view of the beautifully decorated automatic movement. The brand has always stood for precision and craftsmanship. Its watches are there for their wearers when the going gets tough and they always make a bold impression.

Since Delma Watch Ltd. was founded by Adolf and Albert Gilomen in Lengnau, Switzerland, it has launched a number of horological landmarks to great acclaim from the public and watchmaking experts. For more than 90 years, the brand’s symbiosis of traditional Swiss craftsmanship with contemporary design has attracted quality-aware and value-conscious men and women around the globe. The pursuit of perfection and the chance to enhance watchmaking history remain the foundations upon which Delma is building its future.

For more information, please visit the Delma website.

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