Drive de Cartier

Cartier Hong Kong celebrated the official launch of the three ‘Drive de Cartier’ models and for this important release, an amazing party was organized, that lasted night after night, during the last 9 days of September. The Drive de Cartier ‘time only’ model was already available since January, but the wait was still for the more complicated  ‘Drive de Cartier’ with complications and the Drive de Cartier flying tourbillon, to make the trilogy complete.

Drive de Cartier

Nine Boutiques

Since the opening of the Cartier ‘Prince’s Building Boutique’ in 1970, the first Cartier Boutique in Asia,  Cartier has realized nine boutiques in Hong Kong. Not those small shops like we have in Europe, but really large stores, with different floors. The ‘1881 Heritage Boutique’, on Canton Road, definitely my favorite boutique as well as being the latest addition, is a store with two levels.

- The Prince Boutique -

– The Prince Boutique –

Prince Boutique

For Cartier fanatics Hong Kong is an important place to visit, since these Boutiques are so spacious and almost everything always seems to be in stock! Most of these stores and for sure the ‘Prince Boutique’, have a mens department and/or a high end watch room, so even very specific and rare pieces can be viewed and tried on. Cartier here in Hong Kong is huge and so is everything they do!

- The watch room in the Prince Boutique -

– The watch room in the Prince Boutique –

Nine Evenings

For the launch Cartier had, due to their large presence in Hong Kong, to invite many guests.  Cartier Hong Kong is king in organizing events and certainly king in making their clients feel happy and at home when attending. To ensure that the guests did not have to queue up and wait in line, Cartier Hong Kong found an elegant solution and divided the party over 9 different evenings, night after night. This way these events became more intimate and not so massive. And isn’t that is where luxury is all about?

- The PMQ building -

– The PMQ building –

Personal Greet

The event took place in the PMQ building in Aberdeen Street. PMQ is the former Police Married Quarter facility on Aberdeen Street which has been renovated into a commercial area for creative industries and modern lifestyle experiences. PMQ was reopened this past summer and has been a huge success.

Every guest was greeted personally at the entrance and was often accompanied by the various staff members, for a tour along the various interactive activities, that were set up in the different rooms.



The first what we encountered was an interactive photo wall displaying a flashing neon message connected with the new watch collection, namely #whatdrivesyou. Posing in front of the wall caused the animation, to multiply and rearrange itself around people’s silhouettes, providing an original photo opportunity.

- The library -

– The library –

Not Only Watches

After this we passed along the library where a fascinating miscellany of objects and collectibles such as books, music, one-of-a-kind figurines, and the latest gadgets were displayed, alongside of course the new Drive de Cartier collection. All of them with new colorful calf leather straps.

Next we entered in the Dressing Room, that was styled to the Drive man, who pays attention to every elegant detail. Advice was given by the people of Mr Porter and even a personal shopper was on hand for styling advice.

Other activities in the Dressing Room include grooming tips courtesy of Joyce Grooming, and a workshops with a traditional barber. Wet shaving is getting more popular and at the barber corner we got advise and saw the latest products, that guarantee a smooth wet shave.

Quite popular also were the advisors of Leica camera’s. Most camera’s from the collection were on display, on a table and were ready to be touched and tried.

- The Drawing Room -

– The Drawing Room –


Drawing Room

The chic Drawing room, furnished with sofas, bar, garden, gentlemen’s  games and displays of the Drive watches was the place where most guests were hanging out, during the evening. A giant screen enabled guests to participate in a revisited, interactive version of the arcade game, using their mobile phones.


Other Drawing Room activities were geared towards the connoisseurs and their taste for the finer things in life. The world’s most exclusive coffee blends, chocolates, whiskey and beer tasting, and cocktail mixology was at hand and enjoyed by the crowd. I saw this evening as a very informal and attractive event where everyone could experience the new Drive de Cartier watches and talk with Cartier’s staff in a relaxed and non commercial atmosphere. Well done Cartier Hong Kong and thank you for the invitation!