Hanging out with friends is fun. Hanging out with friends on a Podcast when the friend in question happens to be James Thompson, AKA Black Badger? That’s a whole lotta awesome. Join us, as we pollute your airwaves with some top quality jive, touching on lume, Fordite, and our shared sporting tragedies…

The Black Badger brand is one of the best-known non-watch brands in the watch industry. James has been beavering (or badgering?) away up in Gothenberg for the past couple of decades since he fled his native Canada because he may or may not have been being pursued by the KGB (listen to the podcast if you want to find out why that seems possible/likely):

Since founding Black Badger, James has been on a whirlwind adventure. He’s worked with quite a few brands, some big, some small, but always interesting. He’s operated as a designer, a consultant, a maker, but, most often, as a materials specialist. One of his most recent collaborations (with George Bamford and TAG Heuer) resulted in his most artistic endeavor yet.

So check out the pod — we hope you enjoy it. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions for James (or Rob) and drop us a line if you have suggestions on what you’d like to hear next from us. Learn more about Black Badger here.