Farer [ˈfa(a)rə(r)] means traveler. Used especially in combinations like seafarer and wayfarer, however, it’s the name of a young watch brand as well. Entering the market with a three hand watch, only back in 2016, Farer meanwhile offers a nice line of 4 different models.

Following the three-handed watches, a GMT watch was introduced in 2017 (read about it here), which was followed in the same year by a compressor styled dive-watch (our review can be found here). The most recently introduced model is the Farer Manual Wind 37mm, from which we’re reviewing the Lansdell variation now.

Farer Manual Wind 37mm Lansdell

It’s interesting to see how form and thickness of a watch can influence the perception of size. With ‘only’ 37mm the Farer would generally be considered a rather small watch. However, it doesn’t show that way.

The Farer Manual Wind 37mm

The Farer Manual Wind 37mm on the wrist

Manual wind movements have the advantage of being thinner than automatics, and this Farer certainly ‘advantages’ from that. Together with its nice cushion (almost round but it isn’t) shape its size is very balanced compared to the thickness.

A colourful and attractive dial

Farer made a name with colourful dials, and the Manual Wind 37mm Lansdell we’re reviewing is no exception. The two-coloured dial attracts immediate, and positive, attention. A nice detail is that the green segments in the dial compliment the light greenish super-luminova indexes. They seem to become part of each other.

Farer Manual Wind 37mm

The less colourful silver rest of the dial has beautiful sunburst lines in its centre part. The plain silver outer ring of the dial contains a red minute track with light-blue dots and black printed minute-numerals. A plain silver seconds sub-dial sports the opposite. Blue numerals and a black painted track, while a red second-hand tops this sub-dial off.

While the Farer brand name has been printed in the dial, the brand’s logo, a styled arrow, is nicely applied. The crown is another place were this styled arrow beautifully appears in which looks like a bronze inlay.

Farer Manual Wind 37mm

A bronze inlay with the brand’s styled arrow

Due to its sleek design, and of course its size as well, the Farer Manual Wind 37mm is a very comfortable wearer. Something else which adds to that is the soft leather strap. it wears comfortably and has adjustment holes quite close to each other so that one always finds the right fit. The watch tends to turn on the wrist easily when worn loose. However, due to the flexible strap with high adjustability, it can be worn perfectly sized and comfortable.

What about the brand name?

Coming back to the brand name in the dial, we mentioned that it’s signed ‘Farer Universal’. It’s printed like this in the dials of all other Farer models as well, however, I couldn’t find anything like it on any of the brand’s other name expressions. Not on the website, not on the booklets, nor the packaging. Nowhere else the addition of ‘Universal’ is used. So, for now, it remains a slight puzzle to us however we’re sure this will soon be cleared.

Farer Manual Wind 37mm

ETA/Peseux 7001 manual wind movement

A glass back in the Farer Manual Wind 37mm Lansdell reveals an ETA/Peseux 7001 movement. Not the most exciting of them all probably, however extremely reliable and in the Farer at least it’s nicely finished. The case back isn’t completely filled up with the movement. There’s enough room on the outer edge to engrave all kinds of information. We’ll find the type- and unique serial number, pressure rating, type of crystal, and additional information on the materials used and where the design comes from.

The Farer Manual Wind 37mm

The Farer Manual Wind 37mm ETA/Peseux 7001 movement

The ETA/Peseux 7001 is a small but powerful slim movement with a 2.5mm height and 23.3mm diameter. In the Farer Manual Wind 37mm, it sports blue screws, has 17 jewels, a Nivaflex barrel spring, an Anachron hairspring, and an Incabloc shock system. The movement operates at 21,600 bph hour (3 Hz) and has 42 hours of power reserve when fully wound. While adjusted in three positions it should have an accuracy tolerance better than +/-12 seconds/day.

Farer Manual Wind 37mm

British Design x Swiss Made

Farer obviously and understandably is proud about their watch designs. Inspired by a time when bold colours and contrasting textures were combined with the best craftsmanship. Produced are their watches in Switzerland, by a company named Roventa-Henex (since 1959), based in Bienne.

One way or the other the Farer Manual Wind 37mm Lansdell somewhat reminds me of Nomos when they started at the beginning of the nineties. Nomos more towards minimalism, Farer breathing the halcyon era of British watchmaking. But both producing nice slick handsome hand winding watches now, simple and accessible. Nomos started at that time in more or less the same price league as well. And look at where they’ve arrived now.

Farer Manual Wind 37mm

The two-layer Farer Manual Wind 37mm box, containing the booklet and certificate

Farer watches are presented in an adequate black wooden box. Made in a two-layer design, the first containing the watch and the second containing the booklet, certificate and polishing cloth. Very professional and convenient. The watches are sold online at Farer’s website here, their prices are always including shipping.

The Farer Manual Wind 37mm Lansdell watch retails for €1,075 Euro.