Formex Swiss Watches, an independent Swiss watchmaker and direct online distributor of action-sport-influenced watches, just released a free App that lets you try on their watches with your smartphone.

Being detached from any retailer and selling exclusively through their online shop, Formex Swiss Watches manufactures high quality watches at very attractive prices. Their new App breaks through the biggest obstacle of online shopping, namely the inability to try on a product before buying it. The App uses augmented reality to project a watch on the wrist and gives a feel of real-life size and look of their timepieces. Formex CEO Raphael Granito explains that “despite the many advantages of buying a watch online, the biggest drawback so far was that customers were not able to try them on. Even though every Formex comes with a 30-day free return policy, we found that people are still hesitant to buy watches without having had them on their wrist. That’s why we came up with the idea for this App.”

Here is how it works: print and cut out the paper strap, wrap and attach it around your wrist and install the „Formex TryOn“ App on your smartphone. Then open the App, choose the watch you want to try on and focus your camera on the strap. A surprisingly realistic looking virtual version of the watch will appear on your smartphone screen. Turn your wrist gently and observe the watch from different angles and distances on your wrist. In case you are using the App in a low-light environment, use the torch button for better recognition. Print out the App Instructions and Strap here.

The first App version features the three current model lines and lets you change straps and snap pictures of the watches on your wrist. Change the straps by tapping on a different strap on the bottom of the screen. The App is available for free on the AppStore and GooglePlay. Visit for more info and the direct link to the App.

With the launch of their new App, Formex runs a monthly Instagram photo contest where participants can win their favorite Formex watch. To participate, simply follow them on Instagram, take a creative digital wrist shot using the photo button in the App, post and tag @formexwatch and use hashtag #tryonformex for a chance to win.

Formex CEO Raphael Granito


About Formex Swiss Watches:

Known since 1999 as the watch with the suspension system, Formex’s new CEO Raphael Granito recently removed all their watches from the brick and mortar stores in a bold move to convert to a direct to consumer sales model and offer their watches at much better value for money. They managed to slash prices by about 50% while still offering free world-wide shipping with all taxes and duties included. Formex designs, develops and manufactures in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland and sells their timepieces directly to their customers from their online store. Find out more about Formex here.