Fratello has some nice give aways coming up, and this Mario Paci MP XVIII strap is one of them! Together with TC Straps and ViaPaneristi, long time friends of FratelloWatches, I can offer you this great give away for your Panerai time piece.

Leave a comment with your name and a valid e-mail address, and a winner will be picked on the 15th of July. You will be contacted in order to ask you what colour strap and which size you prefer. The following sizes are available (width at the lug & buckle and long part length & short part length):

24/24 115/75
24/24 125/80
24/24 130/85
26/26 125/80

The MP XVIII strap will be available in the following colours: Camel, Cappuccino and Nero (as seen below).

Thanks to Elliot of ViaPaneristi! Make sure to participate if you have a Panerai or want to surprise someone who has a Panerai with this great strap!

  • Antonis Antoniou

    Amazing Offer!!! I want that strap.

  • Jim

    Good initiative! And a interesting website, as an enthousiast i have added it to my favorites.
    Keep up The good !
    Regards and greetings from THE netherlands

  • Dragan

    Beatifull straps and nice giveaway! One capuccino for me, please! 🙂

  • rom

    Great looking straps, would very much like to try one on..

  • Brook

    Great site! Really enjoy it on my iPhone! Thanks

  • Thomas C Knueppel

    Nice straps!

  • m7ia

    These look awesome!

  • That should suit my PAM 116 fantaastic!

  • L Donaldson

    They’re all nice and super high quality ! Amazing contest !

  • Johan

    A great looking Cappuccino would fit me perfect!

  • Wow! Very nice contest.. I’d love one of those straps around my arm.

  • Boris

    MP straps are amongst the best money can buy, and Elliot provides a great service. I’ve ordered 2 straps from him (an Original Kodiak and a MP) for my PAM22, and in both case the transaction was perfect. Highly recommended.

  • patrick

    Nothing beats a ‘camel’ with a buckle ! thanks Robert great gesture I’d be happy to try one out :))

  • Roland

    The camel is great for the summer, the cappuccino would only suit the extreme tanners… 😉

  • Geert

    Great looking straps… count me in 🙂

  • Tim

    Can’t wait to strap that baby on. Save on shipping, I’ll come pick it up!

  • Luigi Giancristofaro

    What a great offer, count me in!!

  • rob

    looks nice

  • Micky NL

    A Camel would suit my Pam perfect!


  • Benedict

    Count me in!

  • I would love to get one of those !

  • Holger

    Awesome straps and a fantastic blog.

  • Guy

    Very cool! Would love to win one 🙂

  • David

    Great blog!

  • Brandon

    I’ve become a bit of a watch snob these days, and undoubtedly so due to the likes of Panerai, IWC, Bell&Ross, etc. etc. Not too many watches co. can hold a flame to Panerai(In my opinion) these days, and rightfully so. These awesome aftermarket straps out there like these make it even more enticing!

  • Iris van Sambeek

    After a few years begging; I finally received a Panerai from my Boyfriend… Only the standard strap is not really a though strap. These look great and a even greater opportunity to gain one.

    All thumbs up for this nice gesture!

  • Died

    oef! Looks like a great strap..
    Just came home celebrating the dutch victory!
    Good luck everyone!

  • Ollero

    Love all of them!! Thanks for the gift

  • Geez, a beautiful strap giveaway, and in exchange all we have to do is visit your wonderful site for free…? Life’s just not fair, is it?

    I think the light-brown one just hits the perfect note: very classy, with a lot of warm overtones to prevent it from looking too cool for comfort.

    Keeping my fingers crossed here… For The Netherlands first of all, of course, but also for this site running for many more years, and, heck, for one of those gorgeous straps (I say away with modesty!). :o)

  • Greg Schlosser

    I promise I can provide mister 115/75 a nice home and loving care. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Brant

    I’ll take a Cappuccino. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Tin Horvat

    Camel looks great, who knows, maybe will be fitted to my Marina Militare!

  • Frederik

    Thanks for sharing your insights on watches. Being from Denmark you tend to focus on what Kristian Haagen has to say, but I like to compliment his stuff with your more thorough and detailed postings…..

    Would love to spice up my Panerai with one of those straps 😉

  • MM82

    Love those Strap = hope I’ll win one.

  • @Frederik: Thanks for the compliment, although I think it is at least the other way ’round 😉 I rarely read Kristian’s stuff, since it is in Danish. I do know him and I think the coverage on the same stuff is that we share a passion for the same type of watches. 🙂

  • joris

    my radiomir will be sad if he can’t wear one of those! You would not want that would you ? 🙁

  • Jamie Ding

    Perfect! The patina on the bottom-most strap is amazing!

  • Jeffrey Tu

    La vita dolce!

  • Dere

    Great offer!! Keep up the interesting blogging, really great read!

  • Jan

    die is van mij…. 😉

  • Nicholas More

    Sweet band. Thanks for the generous gift offer.

  • Great offer!! Keep up the interesting blogging, really great read!

  • Menno

    Was thinking of selling my PAM111, maybe a new strap can keep me wearing the watch a bit longer 😉

  • Einar Hansson

    Count me in! 🙂

  • I found this give away contest quite interesting, as I am sort of obsessed with straps and the strap/bracelet choice on a watch. When I look at a timepiece, I can often isolate it from the strap and then visualize the numerous possibilities for it — and the strap/bracelet has huge influence on the outlook of a watch!

    I’ve got all kinds of straps for my several watches and in most of them I have more than one strap so that I can change its ‘personality’; in many I even have straps from other brands/sources: I’ve got a rare Girard-Perregaux pinstripe fabric strap on my Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Grande Reserve that looks fabulous on a black or charcoal suit; I’ve got several NATO and nylon straps on both my TAG Heuer Autavia reeditions that make them look even more vintage; I’ve got a chocolate calf strap with round edges from Baume & Mercier to better fit my beautifully classic Chronoswiss Klassik Chronograph… and so on and so on. And I just love the fast strap changing system on my Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme W-Alarm ‘Tides of Time’ that enables me to go from rubber to calf in 30 seconds.

    My most recent watch is a Linde Werdelin Oktopus, just 2 weeks old; in Linde Werdelin’s case, there no way I can use straps from other sources, because of the unique architecture of the case and strap system adopted. I’ve always noticed from the beginning how great Linde Werdelin straps look; they’re tailormade for Linde Werdelin timepieces and the details exude a great deal of sophistication and good taste. On my Oktopus (the titanium & black bezel version) I opted for a black textile strap — I chose it over the great looking rubberized calf because I have that kind of strap on my Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore; I also chose it because it’s a sporty strap, waterproof… though I’ll definetely be wanting some more straps (tracked calf; pointed calf) so that I can use my Oktopus in different circumstances!

    Finally, I must say I like those MP straps a lot because I grew tired of croco straps, as they are too ‘formal’; I’ve always been a fan of leather straps and these are just the way I like them: thick and with ton-sur-ton stitching!



  • felix


  • Ivana Martinko

    I want this so bad!!

  • Black 24/24 125 / 80 please !