Fratello On Air is back with a new episode, and this time, we discuss the watch market. In the background, we bring up a couple of reports that have recently been published. There are some interesting numbers, but the market hasn’t fallen apart to the extent that secondary prices are reaching retail. Will they?

The watch market is in a bit of turmoil lately as prices for hype watches have been on a six-month downtrend. We discuss the recent third-quarter watch market report published by Morgan Stanley and go through some interesting and telling figures. A recent report from Chrono24 contains some interesting figures as well. It collectively blows our minds how popular Rolex is versus all other brands.

Handgelenks Kontrolle

The Handgelenks Kontrolle this episode is on point! Balazs is sporting the new Doxa Army with a green ceramic and bronze bezel. He declares it a winner, and it seems that most people like the surprising color combination! Mike is wearing his first-generation Omega Speedmaster X-33 on an Artem strap. It has just returned from a €30 battery change, and Mike vows to wear it more frequently.

watch market

The watch market

Let’s start by saying that neither of us is predicting that the watch market is going to crash and burn to the point where Rolex Daytona models will be below retail. However, we do think that there are some serious macro headwinds that will continue to put pressure on the typical speculative watches. In the end, if it means that people will stand a chance to buy watches at retail, we’re all for it and think it’s actually more healthy than an overheated scenario. Funnily enough, if all of the hype watches were more available, neither of us would run out to buy something. If we did, though, the GMT-Master II with the “Pepsi” bezel ranks as the most likely candidate.

Thanks again for listening! We hope you enjoyed the show, and as always, feel free to let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to discuss!