Fratello On Air is here with a new episode. We told you we’d be back! This week, our show topic comes courtesy of one of our listeners. We were asked how we’d behave with a dream watch that was purchased new. We have some thoughts and expand the discussion to vintage watches. For those wondering, our watch content starts after roughly 21 minutes.

Our listener 12.5Lignes has provided a great suggestion for a topic, and it’s one that many people ask. Finally, after saving and waiting for one’s dream watch, should it be babied, protected, or worn? While I am sure many of our listeners and readers will jump to the tough-guy response of wearing it, perhaps this isn’t so simple. We’ll discuss it.


The banter is strong to open this episode about how to treat a dream watch. Mike has just attended an MLB game in London between the Mets and Phillies. It was a fantastic experience and sent us down a path of discussing different sports-related clothing companies. Regarding our wristwear, Mike is sporting his Zenith A386 Mk 3. This watch has returned after a lengthy stay at the watchmaker but is running beautifully and looking even better. Balazs is wearing his trusty Rolex GMT-Master ref. 1675. The discussion turns to recent watch mishaps, which involved Balazs dropping his Angelus 215 and Mike losing the crown of a 90-year-old Movado. It happens!

The dream watch

Our main topic is how to handle one’s dream watch. Frankly, we think it’s always best to wear the watch you’ve desired for so long even if it means picking up the occasional scratch. These are marks of experience and may make the watch more meaningful when it moves on to the next generation. The other choices suggested by our reader include wearing it sparingly and using labels or stickers on the watch’s surface to protect it. Regarding the occasional-use idea, we think this makes sense for a dressy, fragile watch or even one that may not be appropriate in some settings. It also may make sense for an irreplaceable vintage watch. When we talk about protection, we dislike this idea immensely because it covers the watch and no longer looks like the original item.

We hope you enjoy the show, and thanks again to our listener for the great show idea. If you have any topics for future shows, please let us know!