We’re back with another episode of Fratello On Air, discussing several great recent watches that were quickly forgotten. Attention spans are short these days, which can be unfair to some excellent releases. We shed light on some of our favorite unheralded pieces. Enjoy the show!

What have you done for me lately? We live in the now, and with new watches coming at us daily, it can be easy to forget something halfway decent from yesterday. The other problem is that some watches don’t even receive coverage. Well, we’re here to talk about recent watches that may have escaped your attention. One of our favorite listeners, Richard, suggested the topic, and it’s a good one! Of course, we kick off the show with just a touch of banter. For those who are keeping track, our main topic starts after 15 minutes.

Rolex 1625 Turn-O-Graph Watch 5


Before discussing watches that have faded quickly, we engage in some light discussion. We talk about ultrasonic cleaners and other watch-related topics. For the Handgelenkskontrolle, Balazs is wearing his Grand Seiko SBGA439 on a strap. Mike is enjoying the fine English weather with his Rolex Datejust Thunderbird 1625 on a light blue strap.

Watches that deserve another look

Our main topic focuses on recent watches that were quickly forgotten or possibly not covered at all! In general, we chose relatively affordable watches (i.e. no Haute Horlogerie). Some of these watches are still for sale, while others were on the market briefly. The common point is that all are available on the secondary market for less than their current or original retail prices. We discuss:

As we mentioned during the show, we’d love to hear your thoughts on some recent hidden gems. There are plenty to consider! Thank you again for listening and we look forward to the next episode.