Fratello On Air is back with another rip-roaring episode. This time, we talk about what starting over would look like for our watch collections. Of course, we give ourselves all the funds that we’ve used in the past for watches and are armed with the knowledge we’ve picked up over the last decade or so. We hope you enjoy it!

One of our favorite readers, Goldenyears, commented on our last podcast with the following:

“Sometimes I wonder what watches would I own if I could start all over again from scratch — have no watches but all the money I ever spent so far on every watch I ever owned, including the inexpensive, fashion, and junk watches and the Timex and Casio watches of my youth. It’s a tidy sum of money. I, for one, can attest that my collection would look dramatically different.”

This generated the topic for today’s podcast, in which Balazs and I consider starting over with our collections and what would change or stay the same. Thanks, Goldenyears! Journey with us to an alternate reality.

Handgelenks Kontrolle

Before discussing starting our collections over, we discuss several topics. We touch upon our recent travels to Germany and mention both the good and bad things that occurred along the way. Yes, the much-maligned Frankfurt Airport makes an appearance, and, spoiler alert, it does live up to its reputation. We then transition to the new Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8 and its hefty price tag. For the Handglenks Kontrolle, Mike has on a loaner, the Ming 29.01 Dubai Edition. It’s a stunning watch with some incredible details. Balazs is going simple yet pleasing with his OG Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical. Finally, before hitting our topic, the news of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his run-in with the German Zoll had just broken, so it’s worth a few words.

Speedmaster Professional Fratello On Air starting over watch collections

Starting over

When we finally hit our main topic of starting our watch collections over, we set some ground rules. We have all the money that we ever spent on watches. Plus, we are armed with all the knowledge that we’ve picked up over time. As you’ll hear, both of us head in different directions with our empty wrists and full coffers. Balazs feels that he’d keep his collection small with some key pieces. Mike would also add some key pieces but would probably find himself down a rabbit hole and begin amassing a decent number of watches again. Of course, we also discuss the problems of starting a collection today, such as being able to find some of the vintage pieces we currently own. In a way, this is like a daydream about winning the lottery, and the options are endless.

Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy the show! If you have any suggestions for future topics, feel free to let us know!