Yes, Fratello On Air is back with another episode where we cover the latest release from Tissot and the highlights from Geneva Watch Days 2023. Of course, we speak about additional topics and watches as well. Oh, and one of your hosts has suffered a recent injury but has still managed to make it to the microphone to bring his voice to the world of watches.

Oof, Balazs took quite a tumble on his bicycle the day before recording and is working through a couple of sets of stitches. His voice is a bit off on account of an upper lip that is several times its normal size. But hey, he’s here for YOU! This week, we discuss the controversial digital Tissot PRX and some of the key releases from Geneva Watch Days 2023. Enjoy the show!


Kettle Kite

This week, Balazs kicks off our Kettle Kite with an unexpected watch, the Union Glashütte Belisar Date Sport Pro. This 42mm diver is from a brand that we don’t hear about too frequently, so be on the lookout for the upcoming review. Mike is also wearing a surprising watch. It’s the Casio × PAC-MAN Collaboration Model A100WEPC from 2021. It’s a fun piece that allows us to segue into our first discussion topic: the digital Tissot PRX collection. Despite the fair amount of criticism that these watches have been receiving, both hosts like them due to their uniqueness.

Girard-Perregaux Laureato Absolute 8Tech Geneva Watch Days 2023

Geneva Watch Days 2023

Next, we talk about Geneva Watch Days 2023 and some of the key pieces. We discuss and give our frank opinions on the following watches:

We hope you enjoy this week’s show. As always, if you have ideas for a future episode, feel free to let us know!