Over in article land, my good friend Dave Sergeant has written up the new release from URWERK and Collective today, so please feel free to check that out at your leisure for a detailed look at the watch itself and Dave’s hot takes, and what is his favorite base model in the URWERK catalog.

On the Podcast today, however, we’re diving into the background of this project with Martin Frei of URWERK fame and co-founder of Collective, Asher Rapkin. Collective is a US-based group of watch lovers that works directly with brands to create thoughtful, imaginative, and emotive special edition pieces available to the members of the movement only.

We get a really genuine insight into the method of collaboration, how organically these things come about, what it’s like working (and getting to know one another) digitally, and both URWERK and Collective’s philosophies on collaboration.

Following the truly immersive interview with Fred Buyle, Ulysse Nardin ambassador and pro freediver in WASP 9.8 (which aired on Sunday), the podcast is on a bit of a roll. If you’ve not checked out that fascinating talk with an experienced submariner, do so. You won’t regret it.

The URWERK UR-100V P.02 for Collective will be available exclusively to new and existing Collective members. The model is limited to just 20 pieces. Those interested in joining Collective and acquiring the watch can visit Collective’s website, where more information and membership applications, are available. Florida-based independent watch salon Goldsmith & Complications is the official authorized dealer for the collaboration. It will handle delivery in partnership with Collective and URWERK. Visit collectivehorology.com for further information.

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