Welcome to WASP 5.0, the fifth edition of the Fratello On Air Pod-column, Watching Sports and Sporting Watches. This week, Rob and Balazs celebrate reaching their fifth episode by sharing some of their favorite players from around the four major North American sports leagues.

R&B had planned to pick one player each and assign each superstar an on-field/court/rink watch and one off-field/court/rink ticker. Apparently, this was Rob’s idea. Unsurprisingly, Rob got confused and just picked two players from each league and gave each of them a very special timepiece.


We’ve got surprising choices like Ryan Fitzpatrick, two NHL goalkeepers, and the eternally sexy John Stockton. Additionally, we have some slam-dunk superstars like Dennis Rodman, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Mike Trout for your entertainment. And what of the watches? Major brands like Omega, MB&F, Richard Mille, Rolex, and Vacheron Constantin dominate the arena, but there’s plenty of space for the little guy, with Doxa, Konstantin Chaykin, and NOMOS Glashütte making into the smooth booth along with several others.

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