Welcome to Episode 51 of Fratello on Air, otherwise known as WASP 7.0. Today we’re going to discuss our three favorite sporting icons and which watches we’d gift them if we had the chance.

We’ve got disgraced and redeemed French cyclists, Swiss footballers and tennis stars, Hungarian and Irish soccer legends, a swaggering quarterback, and arguably the GOAT of all GOATs for your listening pleasure. The watches we’ve handed over to these sporting heavyweights range from the ludicrous to the luxury.


Ending the show today we have a new segment called “Robley’s Believe It Or Not” based on the popular books, “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”. In this new segment, Rob presents Balazs with frankly unbelievable stories and Balazs has to decide whether they are true or false.

Today we have sports stars turned watchmakers, the fascinating Schillertron movement, and the sports played in space as well as their potentially deadly consequences.

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