Hi and hello watch fans, welcome to Episode 56 of Fratello On Air, otherwise known as WASP 9.0. This week on Watching Sports and Sporting Watches, Balazs and I will be stepping away from North America itself and focusing on our very own mailbag, which is bursting at the seams thanks to our valued listeners writing in with their questions.

We have questions from both sides of the Atlantic to address, with fun answers to chew through. First, though, we touch on the latest developments in European Soccer following the semi-finals of both of Europe’s major cup competitions, the Champions League and the Europa League.


In the mailbag we find questions about the NBA, our watch experiences, how we would spend the money earned from betting on sports, how we got into American sports and luxury watches despite neither of us being American nor possessing a familial background in the industry, and the craziest sport we’ve ever played, and the ones we wish we had/which watch/es we’d wear while doing it.

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