Welcome to another episode of Fratello On Air. This week, we discuss flying on airplanes with our vintage watches and why we avoid it. We also cover several other watch-related topics before and after the main subject. Enjoy the show!

Flying on airplanes may be a normal and safe activity, but how does it affect our vintage watches? We discuss our thoughts on the question and why we tend to wear newer pieces. For those who don’t love our banter, we begin our main subject after 40 minutes. However, all but a few minutes of the first portion are related to watches, so fast-forward at your peril!

Handgelenks Kontrolle

We kick off our show about wearing our vintage watches on airplanes with several topics. Balazs mentions a recent visit by his friend and fellow Angelus lover Bosko, who brought along a stunning Angelus Chrono-Datoluxe that made Balazs just a tad envious. We then discuss the recent Sunday Morning Showdown in which the black-dial Speedmaster Professional easily bested the new white Speedy. The Handgelenks Kontrolle brings a story from Mike about a newly acquired vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre piece. The watch was purchased at auction and needed work. This led to a fun adventure in London last week. Balazs, on the other wrist, is wearing his Grand Seiko SBGA439 on a Delugs strap.

Seiko 6139 Pogue vintage watches on airplanes

Wearing vintage watches on airplanes

Today, we respond to one of our listeners who asked why Balazs no longer wears vintage watches like his Rolex GMT-Master on airplanes. Balazs isn’t the only one as Mike also tends to wear newer watches. The risk of spills, knocks, and more leads us to choose newer, more robust watches. Are we overprotective and unreasonably concerned? Perhaps, but both of us have flown a lot and experienced our share of accidents. We’re curious if you’re also cautious when flying and keep your older, more fragile watches in a bag or at home. Feel free to let us know!

Thanks for listening to today’s episode, and we hope you enjoy it! If you have ideas for future episodes, let us know.