It is no secret that we love a good watch strap. Not only is it the easiest element to interact with on your watch, but it also offers a great way to customize the aesthetic. We are proud to announce that on Monday, the 13th of June at 9:00 AM CEST, the Fratello Shop is launching three high-quality leather straps. These are straps that our editors love and approve of, and we’re thrilled to bring them to you, the Fratelli, at last.

As you know if you follow our Strap Check column, we love how a new strap can change the look of a watch. But a strap also holds your watch to your wrist, and the inability to do so comfortably can be a real deal-breaker. Here at Fratello, we think comfort is key, so we’ve designed these new straps with precisely that in mind. Available in three colors and two types of leather, we hope you’ll love these straps as much as we do.


Fratello straps — A labor of love

When we decided to design the new Fratello straps, we set ourselves a few additional requirements from the get-go. We wanted to use high-quality leathers sourced in Europe, supporting the ethos that in no way should a strap be a disposable product. We wanted a no-nonsense stainless steel buckle and quick-release spring bars to allow for tool-less strap changes on the go. All three straps come in 20mm with a beautiful taper down to 16mm at the buckle/tail end.

Sourced and handcrafted in Europe

The new Fratello signature straps are made using two different types of leather — nubuck and Baranil. Nubuck leather is manufactured using the outer layer of the calfskin. Therefore, it is typically stronger than suede, which is made using the inner layer of the skin. During the manufacturing process, the material is sanded with fine sandpaper, creating a finish reminiscent of velvet, though significantly finer. In a way, you can think of nubuck as the ultimate suede. It provides the familiar comfort and feel, but with improved strength and quality.

The Baranil leather used for the black Fratello strap is made from calf hides from the well-respected Tannerie Degermann. The leather undergoes two different tannings in the process, with a chrome tanning followed by a vegetable tanning. Finally, the straps are treated with mineral, animal, and vegetable oils. This helps provide a smooth finish and additional comfort on the wrist. This is a strap with a touch more shine than the nubuck, and it is a truly classic addition to your watch.

All of our straps are lined with a layer of premium anti-allergenic calf leather for ultimate comfort and increased longevity. In true keeping with our Dutch heritage, we chose a beautiful bright orange calf leather for the linings. The new Fratello straps are smooth to the touch, comfortable to wear, and made to last.


Uplifting your watch

Obviously, you can pair any strap with any watch, but some combinations just work better than others. Light-colored watch dials are the easiest to pair, and most strap colors will complement such a dial brilliantly. That brings us to the new Fratello strap in cognac brown, which longs to be paired with a light watch dial. The brown nubuck strap frames the dial in a similar way to how a light brown belt can frame a white shirt.

Our gray nubuck strap, on the other hand, will go with almost everything. We love it on a Speedy, but in no way should you limit it to that! You might be surprised to hear that the black Baranil strap is a match made in heaven with a yellow gold watch. It is truly a great way to make your classic yellow gold watches appear sportier.

Fratello Straps Lic Nubuck Cognac

We are so proud to put our name on these straps, and we are certain that you will love wearing them. All three straps will be available on Monday, the 13th of June at 9:00 AM CEST in the Fratello Shop. Let us know which option intrigues you the most in the comments. We can’t wait to see these straps on your wrist!