Hi there! Welcome to another episode of Fratello Talks. This week, you join Nacho, Daan, and Morgan, who discuss the many possible ways of building a watch collection. This includes looking at some common approaches, sharing some sound advice from their experience, and a spot of soul-searching concerning their watch collections. What works for them may not be what works for you, but some of their tips may prove helpful along the way. Ultimately, everyone will have a different approach to building a watch collection, but if you’re feeling a bit lost or uninspired, tune in to this episode. Before we jump into it, though, it’s time to see what watches they’ve chosen for today’s recording. Let me give you a hint: this one was recorded on a Tuesday.

Wrist check

It’s a Tuesday at Fratello HQ, so naturally, the guys are all doing their part and wearing their Speedmasters. This is not the case every Tuesday, but the stars have aligned today, and a trio of Moonwatches has made it onto the podcast. However, they are three different references. We start with Daan, who is wearing the latest reference (310. on a pigskin strap from Joseph Bonnie.

We wind the clock back to 2019 for Morgan’s Speedmaster, which predates Daan’s by one generation. It’s the first of the longer references (311., to be precise) and the first to replace the push-pin links with screws. He’s chosen to wear his on a Bark & Jack Grey Ribbed Nylon strap.

Last but not least, your host Nacho is wearing his Speedmaster from 2001 (reference 3570.50.00). He has opted to pair it with a tan Five Eye NATO strap from Watches of Espionage. This is the oldest of the Speedies worn on the podcast today, but you’d struggle to tell the difference at a glance. That’s the beauty of the Moonwatch: the formula stays the same, and the changes and improvements made by Omega do not remove the charm of one of the most iconic chronographs ever designed.

Speedmaster watch collection

Speedmaster collection — Image: Juko

Fratello Talks: Different Ways To Build A Watch Collection

What’s the best way to start a watch collection? How do I build on the collection that I already have? These are commonly asked questions and ones which have rather subjective answers. What may work for one collector might not be the right way for another. Today, Daan, Morgan, and Nacho share their experiences as well as some general pieces of advice that could apply more generally to people asking themselves these questions. We’ll most definitely revisit this topic in the future, but for now, we’ll let you listen to this first discussion and take away some helpful advice.

What are your thoughts on the topic of building a watch collection? Is there any advice that has been particularly helpful for you? Do you follow a specific philosophy? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Be sure to tune in next week for another episode of Fratello Talks!