Hello there! Welcome to this week’s episode of Fratello Talks. Today, we’re discussing the topic of wearing expensive watches on cheap straps. Does it make sense to wear a €3,000–10,000 watch on a €10 strap? Does a €300 OEM strap make sense to begin with? And where do you truly get your money’s worth in the strap market? What about aftermarket bracelets? Join Nacho, RJ, and Morgan (making his final appearance on Fratello Talks, for real this time) for an in-depth discussion on the topic. But before we jump into it, let’s have a look at the watches (and straps) they’re wearing today.

Wrist check

We start with RJ, who is set for summer with his Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 on the Oyster bracelet. This is neither a cheap watch nor a cheap bracelet (though certainly a more rattly one than those of its modern Rolex counterparts). It’s a classic option and one that you really can’t go wrong with when it comes to neo-vintage Rolex.

expensive watches on cheap straps

Up next is Morgan, who’s wearing his trusty Speedy on a gray ribbed NATO strap. This is the first example of a cheap strap/expensive watch we see today, but it’s certainly far from the first featured in a Fratello Talks wrist check. This will be Morgan’s final appearance as a member of the Fratello staff, so we also take some time to thank him for his great work and contributions both on the podcast and for the site’s photography. We wish him all the best and hope he’ll make it back to The Hague someday for a guest appearance on the show.

expensive watches on cheap straps

Finally, Nacho is staying true to the week’s topic with his Omega SMP 300M 2254.50.00 on a €13 NATO strap. He is no stranger to affordable strap options, and you’ll often find him wearing watches (of any shape, size, description, and price) on straps that cost a fraction of their price.

Expensive watches on cheap straps

Does it make sense to wear a watch that you paid several hundred (or thousand) euros for on a strap that costs a minute fraction of that? Some would say that a luxury watch deserves a luxury strap. But is it truly necessary to pay the premium? Well, as with many of these questions, there is nuance involved. When it comes to a NATO strap, results may vary. You may dislike the feel and look offered by the premium weave of “seatbelt” nylon and prefer the simple pleasures of a cheap nylon strap. It’s a subjective matter. But when it comes to leather, sailcloth, rubber, and metal bracelets, you may find different results. Often, the more you spend on those, the better they are. Ultimately, there are no right or wrong answers, and the best option is to try many options and find your favorites. In today’s episode, we discuss the subject in detail and provide some personal takes on the topic.

But we’d love to hear your thoughts as well. Do you wear your watches on cheap straps? Or do you prefer to pamper your timepieces with only the poshest accessories (such as those available in the Fratello Shop)? Or do you do a bit of both? Let us know in the comments section below.

And, of course, tune in next week for a new episode of Fratello Talks. See you then!