Welcome to the 48th episode of Fratello Talks. Today, we have a very special episode lined up for you. We invited our good friend, watch photographer, and Instagram staple Tom, aka Bowl of Salmon, onto the show. We’ve always received a lot of questions on watch photography, even more so after our first episode on the topic featuring Nacho and Morgan. So what better way to answer some of these recurring questions than to get not two but three photographers on the show? Slightly longer than our usual episode, we take a deep dive into photography advice, gear, lights, and even editing. So be sure to tune in, and if you have any questions for Tom, Morgan, or Nacho on watch photography, gear, or anything else, be sure to leave them in the comments below. But before we jump into all that, let’s see what these guys have on their wrists today.

Wrist check

We start with our guest Tom, who is wearing Morgan’s Serica 5303. This white-dial diver on its distinctive mesh bracelet is a watch that he’s been curious about for a while. Having made the trip up to Fratello HQ, he’s taken the opportunity to get the watch on his wrist for the day. His first impressions seem to be rather positive, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. And neither will the watch found on Morgan’s wrist.

Morgan is wearing Tom’s Rolex Explorer II ref. 226570. This latest iteration of the polar-dial Explorer II has managed to warm Morgan’s heart. But is it too big for his wrist? We don’t think so, but after having owned a 40mm 16570, it’s hard for him to look at the 42mm watch the same way. That said, it’s impossible to deny that this is one of the most appealing models in the Rolex catalog.

And finally, Nacho is still wearing his Omega Seamaster Professional 300M 2254. He’s been enjoying a second (or third?) honeymoon phase with the watch as the first anniversary of ownership rolls around. After another short spell of wearing it on the bracelet, he has put it back on a NATO strap. This is not just his preferred way of wearing the watch, but it also does the watch’s military heritage justice.

Rolex Explorer 124270 watch photography

Watch Photography Q&A ft. Bowl Of Salmon

If you own watches, you likely find yourself taking pictures of them. It’s a natural thing. At some point, you may even start sharing those images online. Maybe you’ll create an Instagram page dedicated to doing so. Regardless of your former photographic experience and expertise, you will soon discover the world of the self-titled “watchfam,” a vocal group of online watch enthusiasts who share their opinions, images, and advice online. This merry bunch is as welcoming as they are talented. You don’t have to spend much time posting online before you’ll want to step up your game. Naturally, then, the path leads to taking photography a bit more seriously. In this episode, Nacho and Morgan are joined by Tom, more widely known by his online alias and Instagram handle Bowl of Salmon. He began posting on Instagram about three years ago, and since then, he has gathered a following of nearly 30,000 people.

Continuing to grow, he created a website and even started a YouTube channel where he releases seriously impressive video content. You can even find this video explaining the origin of his curious online moniker. So, in this episode, three guys who make a living largely or in part thanks to photographing watches come together to give you some tips on their craft. Whether it’s gear, techniques, or even editing, they cover a lot of the bases. Find some time, download the episode, and tune in for this special long-form discussion on watch photography.

Also, as Morgan asks, if you’d like to see more content on photography in general (gear reviews, video guides, etc), let us know in the comments section below.

As always, tune in next week for another episode of Fratello Talks!