Thank you for tuning in to this week’s episode of Fratello Talks. You join RJ, Timo, and your host Nacho, who are going to be covering a rather broad topic. This week, it’s all about watches in cinema. In this episode, we’ll cover anything from memorable sightings to examples of marketing gone too far. How much can brands get away with when it comes to blatant product placement? And does it actually have its desired effect? We also cover movie-themed watches and touch upon some of our favorites featured on film. But first, let’s see what we can spot on the guys’ wrists today.

Wrist check

We kick things off this week with Timo, Fratello’s CEO, who makes his first appearance on the Fratello Talks video podcast. His watch of choice this week could not have been more on point for the topic of discussion. It’s the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M No Time To Die special edition (reference This watch is not only featured in a movie but was also made specifically for one. If you want to read all about the most recent screen-used Bond watch, you can find RJ’s hands-on review from 2019 here.

Next, we have RJ, who is wearing one of his many Omega Speedmasters. Today, he has opted for the wonderful Calibre 321 “Ed White” (reference 311. At 39.7mm, it’s slightly smaller than the beloved Moonwatch, but with its straight lugs and lack of crown (and pusher) guards, it’s a whole beast. Visible through the exhibition case back, Omega’s recreation of the venerable 321 chronograph caliber makes this a very special Speedy indeed.

Rounding off the Omega trifecta featured in today’s podcast, we have your host Nacho, who is wearing his Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. Clearly, he couldn’t remember the right reference, but RJ quickly confirmed that it was indeed a 3570.50.00. This was his first luxury watch, and can you blame him? You really can’t go wrong with this timeless classic. It’s also a watch that has appeared in several memorable films. But if you want to know more, you’ll have to tune in and listen to the episode!

watches in cinema Seiko Willard

Mike Stockton’s Seiko 6105-8110 “Captain Willard,” the model that Martin Sheen wore in Apocalypse Now

Watches in cinema

The watch you saw at the top of this article sold at auction (again) last weekend for just under €5,000,000. Marlon Brando’s Rolex GMT-Master from Apocalypse Now is a prime example of a watch made remarkable by its appearance in the film. With your three podcast participants being European and/or from a generation that was a bit late to the Apocalypse Now party, this one was not mentioned. However, as you’ll hear, they were able to come up with many examples.

watches in cinema

Daniel Craig wearing an Omega Seamaster 1948 in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery — Image: Netflix

From the obvious to the obscure, from the protagonist’s hero prop/plot device (see below) to the punchline of a Pulp Fiction joke, there are plenty of watches that spring to mind when thinking of cinematic appearances. But how do we feel about it when it becomes a full-on marketing exercise? Are the best uses of watches those that remain subtle and that can be attributed to the work of a savvy prop master? All that and more in today’s episode!

Hamilton Murph 38mm watches in cinema

The recent 38mm version of the Hamilton “Murph watch” from Interstellar

As you’ve already seen, we’re far from perfect at covering the many appearances of significant watches in cinema (and TV), so we’d love to hear from you. Let us know your favorite watch features on the silver screen in the comments section below.

And, as always, tune in next week for another episode of Fratello Talks!

Featured image: Phillips