We last covered Genteel Handmade back in August this year. Since then, a whole season has passed. Summer made way for autumn and now, as we introduce the “fall shades” from Genteel Handmade, autumn finds itself giving in to the onrushing winter. And as the months get colder and the nights draw in, we all need something positive to focus on. Thankfully, these inviting hues and tactile leathers from Genteel Handmade are just the ticket…

The Genteel Handmade brand is growing. As its reach widens so too does its portfolio. New leathers arrive regularly. Different colors are played with on a seasonal basis. The craftsmanship is ever more refined with each subsequent release. This season, which celebrates the warm browns and reds of autumn, Genteel Handmade wanted to give their customers a lot of choices. Self-expression is important to the brand. At its core, that is what it hopes to facilitate with its products.

Picture 1 - Genteel handmade


The colors that Genteel Handmade chose to add to the collection are versatile and timeless. As always, the quality of the materials and the execution itself were paramount. Take a look at the fine-grain visible in the Buttero leather strap above. Notice, too, the stitching and its neatness.

Picture 1 - Genteel handmade

As someone that has a lot of straps pass through his hands, I have to say this does look rather nice. Buttero leathers have a superbly smooth top finish that gives a feel like no other leather. Being vegetable-tanned, these gorgeous leathers will develop a unique patina over time.

Saffiano Genteel handmade


Saffiano leather, however, is an altogether tougher beast. Its coarse, almost “latticed” grain makes it ideal for harder wearing applications. It is frequently used to back luggage trunks, or journals, for example. On a watch strap, it provides a clean, resilient, uniform appearance available in rich colors. While I tend to stay away from blue leather straps, I must admit to having a weak spot for navy Saffiano, regardless of how it may be put to use. My choice for a strap, however, would definitely be the cognac option. It is a versatile and refreshing shade that can breathe new life into both dark and light-dialed watches.



Above is an example of Genteel handmade’s brown Barenia straps. Barenia leather is a very rare and unique leather, especially because it requires a specific tanning process, which is known by only a small number of craftsman. The surface finish has a somewhat softer appearance (especially from distance) with the fine, almost particulated grain, creating a pleasing character somewhere between regular leather and suede. It is just as hard-wearing as most leathers, though perhaps not quite as resistant to damage as Saffiano.

Genteel handmade

Shell Cordovan

Shell cordovan leathers are increasingly used in watchmaking. Achieving a variety of colors (especially vivid, color-fast colors) in Shell Cordovan given the natural vegetable tanning process is difficult. Below, you can see Genteel’s oxblood/burgundy and green straps alongside the more commonly-seen cognac. I wear quite a lot of green shell cordovan, but it is the reddest hue here that has caught my eye.

Shell Cordovan is also a vegetable-tanned leather. Recently, it has become one of the most famous leathers in the industry. Genteel Handmade’s Shell Cordovan straps are for those who appreciate traditional style and craftsmanship. Every Shell Cordovan strap will develop a unique patina over time reflecting your style of living.

If you’re interested in learning more about Genteel Handmade, you can check out the website here. You can also follow the brand on Instagram @genteelhandmade .