Genteel Handmade’s top priority is to make the small things unforgettable. Being inspired by the attention to detail that is involved in the making of an Omega timepiece, they created a unique strap that perfectly fits your Omega Deployant.

Genteel Handmade offers you the freedom to design a truly unique strap. When designing an Omega-Style Deployant Strap, you can choose the leather, thread, lining leather, dimensions, strap width and more. The personalization goes even further by offering the possibility of embossing initials or other meaningful words on the back of the strap. The only limit is imagination.

The Omega-Style Deployant strap dimensions are custom-made, specifically for an Omega Deployant. These unique straps are especially made to a thickness of 2.5mm – designed to perfectly fit an Omega OEM Deployant.

Available in Alligator, Ostrich Leg, Calf or Goat leathers.

Alligator Omega-Style Deployant Straps:

Every Alligator Strap is created from a different part of the alligator skin, giving each strap its own unique texture. Click here to view and order this alligator strap.

Ostrich Leg Omega-Style Deployant Straps:

The Ostrich Leg leather is extremely durable with a distinct pattern. They are available in 3 designs: Classic, Padded and Minimal Stitching. Click here to view and order the ostrich straps.

Calf & Goat Omega-Style Deployant Straps:


The Calf & Goat leathers are sourced from centuries-old French tanneries where the skins are treated and processed to the very highest and most exacting standards.

The Omega-Style Deployant Calf & Goat Watch Straps are available in 4 designs: Classic, Padded, Minimal Stitching and Rally.

Click here to view and order our Omega style straps.

Genteel Handmade don’t follow trends and don’t mass produce.

Every single Omega Deployant strap is designed to be a long-lasting and durable product, exactly like your Omega timepiece. Since each strap is entirely made by hand, production is limited.  Genteel Handmade prefers to extend the waiting list, rather than compromising on quality. The goal is to create a strap that reflects your unique style & personality and perfectly fit your Omega Deployant.

For further info visit the Genteel-Website or follow Genteel  Handmade on Instagram: @genteelhandmade.