Guess what Rolex did… The last price list from Rolex dates back allready to 2001. Three years without a price increase (in Europe at least).

So now I heard that I could pick up the new 2005 price list, I was of course somewhat reluctant. How much are they gonna increase over 4 years time…

Rolex didn’t. They even lowered most of the prices from their regular models like Airking, Date, DateJust and even some sports models with a few to tens of Euro’s.

Am I dreaming? What is happening?


Gerard Nijenbrinks

Gerard Nijenbrinks

Gerard has been in the watch industry for over two decades now. He runs an on-line watch shop from The Hague, The Netherlands, and besides that he has journalistic and photographic activities in the field of watches. Collecting watches since he was six years old (true!) and triggered by a friend, he bought his first 'real' watch in the late eighties; an Omega Speedmaster Professional with glass back. This was the first watch of a nice, even today ever growing, collection.
Gerard Nijenbrinks
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