We all know Hamilton well. Initially formed in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1892, the brand now proudly resides under the Swatch Group umbrella. Beloved for its well-constructed and excellent-value-for-money watches, I know several fellow collectors whose first foray into serious watch collecting began with the acquisition of a Hamilton timepiece. In each case, those collectors chose a mighty Khaki Field due to its military heritage and affordable price tag. Now, Hamilton has updated its Khaki Field Titanium range with some more excellent watches.

The Khaki Field is one of those watches that speaks to many people due to its no-nonsense legibility and rugged construction. These are, in my opinion, some of the best and most affordable tool watches out there. When Hamilton first introduced the titanium iterations, everything began to fall into place. That said, for some, the first versions of the Khaki Field Titanium were close but just missed the mark. Wordmark engravings on cases and faux-aged lume were not too hotly received by some collectors in the community, but Hamilton has listened and righted those wrongs. In my humble opinion, the new versions of the titanium-clad Khaki Field are the best yet. Partly for the reasons stated above, but also because the new color options are lovely. When Hamilton sent us a couple to look at, the blue-dialed wonder you see in these images caught my attention.

Two different case sizes

The new models come in two different case sizes — 38mm and 42mm. While the current trend for smaller-sized watches continues to prosper, it’s actually the larger 42mm version that I found myself veering towards, thanks to the gorgeous blue dial. In my opinion, it’s the pick of the bunch. Not a huge amount has changed from the previous editions to the new versions for 2022. As mentioned, the “Titanium” engraving on the case is gone, and the lume is now a neutral hue.

The H-10 movement also remains with its 80 hours of power reserve. For those thinking it’s the same at the Powermatic 80, albeit with a different name, there is a subtle difference. The H-10 has two extra jewels for a total of 25 versus the Powermatic 80’s 23. This is because the H-10 uses a standard jeweled escapement with a Nivachron hairspring, whereas the Powermatic 80 uses a synthetic, non-jeweled escapement. Let’s have a quick look at the new dial colors within the two sizes.

The Khaki Field Titanium Auto in 38mm

Hamilton offers the new 38mm Khaki Field Titanium Auto in three variations, split into two case finishes. If the brushed titanium case is your bag, you can choose from a lush khaki-green dial or a more traditional black dial. However, if you’re after something a bit different, a black PVD titanium case with a matte gray, concrete-like dial might be the one for you. All three come on nubuck leather straps to complement the dial.

The Khaki Field Titanium Auto in 42mm

For the 42mm size, Hamilton has introduced two new models alongside the previous-generation models. Both the new versions have brushed titanium cases. Unfortunately, there are no new dial color options for the black PVD titanium case. The matte gray concrete-like dial is exclusive to the smaller 38mm size. The two new options are a khaki-green dial or this wonderful blue one.

Hamilton Khaki Field Titanium Auto price and availability

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again — Hamilton’s Khaki Field watches are rugged timepieces and the perfect addition to any collection. I think field watches are incredibly versatile, pairing as well with business attire as they do with casual outfits. OK, maybe the black PVD models are a little more suited to casual attire, but you do you! There’s a reason why Hamilton’s Khaki Field watches are recommended to watch collectors, new and old alike. They embody excellent value for money, smart and sensible design language, and reliability by the bucket load. When buying a field watch, or any watch for that matter, what more could you want?

According to the Hamilton website, the watches are “available soon”, but I’m not certain how soon that actually means. Prices range from €895 to €945 for the 38mm version, with the PVD model commanding a slight premium. The new 42mm Khaki Field Titanium Autos both retail at €945. Find out more on the Hamilton website for the 38mm models here and the 42mm models here.

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