Today, we’ll take a look at three watches that fall within a very popular range of G-Shock models. These pieces also have a charitable aspect. Meet the trio of GW-B5600-based collaborations with the Charles Darwin Foundation. If animals are your vibe, you’re going to like them a lot!

It was back in 1999 when G-Shock first partnered with the Charles Darwin Foundation on a line of watches. At that time, the brand used the round, ana-digi AW-500D as the basis for several different-colored models. These watches, by the way, are collectible today, and as the owner of a similar model, I can vouch for their comfort level. Now, 25 years later, G-Shock has rekindled its relationship with the conservationist organization to create three variants using the GW-B5600 as a base. Best of all, G-Shock will donate a portion of the proceeds from these watches to the Charles Darwin Foundation.

The G-Shock GW-B5600 × Charles Darwin Foundation series

As mentioned, there are three watches within the G-Shock GW-B5600 × Charles Darwin Foundation series. The good news is that they are special editions instead of limited editions and are currently available globally. To help support the environmentally friendly theme, the watches use bio-based resin cases and bands. They all measure 42.8mm wide, 48.9mm long, and 13.4mm thick. As one would expect from a G-Shock, each version has a highly usable 200m water resistance rating. All of the watches contain a special case back with a graphic of the Galápagos. Printed in Spanish on the outside of each strap is a statement that translates to, “I support Galápagos conservation.”

Naturally, a full suite of technology is on board, including Tough Solar and Multi Band 6 radio reception for time adjustment.  A stopwatch function, countdown timer, Bluetooth phone connectivity for time adjustment, and a series of alarms support the parade of features.

G-Shock × Charles Darwin Foundation GW-B5600CD-1A2

Sharks, birds, and tortoises — oh my!

As far as the variants, each of the three models relates to an animal that is found on or around the Galápagos Islands. Reference GW-B5600CD-1A2 contains a hammerhead shark motif against a purple background on the internal bezel. As on the rest of the watches, this symbol is repeated in a cutout on the strap keeper and is featured in the center of the digital screen when the LED backlight is on.

The giant Galápagos tortoise

Reference GW-B5600CD-9 is the standout in the Charles Darwin Foundation series for two reasons. First, it’s the only model within the trio that uses a case color other than black. It’s bright yellow! Second, this watch pays tribute to the giant Galápagos tortoise, which is probably the most famous animal on the islands.

Darwin’s finch

The final piece in the series is the reference GW-B5600CD-1A3. This is dedicated to Darwin’s finch. Like the other pieces, the bezel surround contains an animal-inspired motif. Branches and leaves come together with the finch on a gray background. In my view, this is the most traditional and monochromatic offering within the trio.

G-Shock × Charles Darwin Foundation GW-B5600CD-1A3

Pricing and availability for the Charles Darwin Foundation series

Each of the G-Shock GW-B5600 × Charles Darwin Foundation models is affordable at €169 / £149 / US$170. Keen G-Shock fans will note, however, that this price is more expensive than a non-collaboration piece. However, I don’t think that collectors will necessarily care much. Plus, for those who like the idea of supporting a conservationist cause, these pieces will be appealing.

I had a look at several regional G-Shock sites, and Germany, for example, is currently sold out. The UK and USA, however, show availability. Overall, these are great-looking additions to the lineup, and they don’t go overboard with cheesy symbols or crazy colors. They’re nice alternatives to run-of-the-mill G-Shocks for just a bit extra.

Let us know what you think of the G-Shock GW-B5600 × Charles Darwin Foundation series in the comments below.

Watch specifications

Charles Darwin Foundation series
GW-B5600CD-1A2 (hammerhead shark) / GW-B5600CD-9 (giant Galápagos tortoise) / GW-B5600CD-1A3 (Darwin's finch)
Digital display
Case Material
Bio-based resin
Case Dimensions
42.8mm (diameter) × 48.9mm (length) × 13.4mm (thickness)
Mineral glass
Case Back
Stainless steel with four screws
Casio module 3461
Water Resistance
20 bar (200 meters)
Bio-based resin with stainless steel pin buckle
Time (12-hour and 24-hour formats), date (MM/DD and DD/MM formats), world time in 39 cities, 1/100-second stopwatch, 24-hour countdown timer, five daily alarms with one snooze alarm, LED backlight, Bluetooth phone connectivity, power-saving mode, low-battery alert, mute feature, time-calibration signal reception
€169 / £149 / US$170
Two years