The Gravitymaster isn’t the best-known model in G-Shock’s Master of G series, but it is just as capable and impressive as its collection mates. The newest addition to the Gravitymaster lineup is the GR-B300 series with a design inspired by fighter jets. These three watches feature a fully analog display focused on providing info for all your adventures in the sky. It makes these three new models interesting oddballs in the Master of G series, and that’s why it’s time to find out more.

G-Shock is one of those brands that constantly adds new models to the lineup. Blink once, and you might miss some of them. One of the perks of being a Fratello writer is that I have a chance to go hands-on with quite a few of the new G-Shocks. I have enjoyed trying out several new additions to the Master of G collection that were unveiled recently. The model that impressed me most was the Rangeman GPR-H1000. It would be my pick for all my adventures in the wilderness thanks to a combination of its functions and usability, fully digital display, and reasonably affordable price tag. However, with the new Gravitymaster GR-B300, G-Shock adds an even more affordable model to the Master of G line. Could this be the smartest pick of them all? Let’s see.

Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300-8A2

The story of the new G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300

For those who don’t know, the G-Shock Gravitymaster is essentially the brand’s pilot’s watch. Not only was it developed for real pilots, but it was also tested by pilots from the British Royal Air Force. So it certainly has the credentials to be taken very seriously, and with a €299 price, these three new GR-B300 models are intriguing options indeed.

Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300-1A4

A first glance at the new GR-B300’s design reveals a combination of influences. To start, it is very much on par with the modern Master of G series designs, but it does link back cleverly to the previous generations of the Gravitymaster. The main aesthetic link is the use of the large “12” and “6” numerals featured on the dials of most Gravitymaster models.

A quick check of the different Gravitymaster models through the years shows that the G-Shock designers only abandoned the large numerals three times. One of those times was for the design of the GR-B200, which remains part of the current Gravitymaster line.

The design of the new GR-B300

The new design of the GR-B300 starts with the case. According to the brand, it was inspired by the flowing lines of modern fighter jets. The smooth transitions between the different parts of the case are one of the main examples of that. In particular, the seamless bezel design is a testament to its influence. The Carbon Core Guard case measures 54.7mm wide, 59mm long, and 15.7mm thick, and it features a layered carbon fiber and resin construction. The watch weighs 71 grams, is water resistant to 200 meters, and has a fully analog dial that is easy to navigate.

G-Shock has launched three new versions of the GR-B300, all inspired by different elements in a jet fighter’s cockpit. The black GR-B300-1A, with a hint of red, is inspired by the cockpit’s basic black and white colors, while the black and orange GR-B300-1A4 is inspired by the amber-colored lights illuminating the instruments in the dark.

Lastly, the gray and blue GR-B300-8A2 is inspired by a jet fighter’s head-up display (HUD). It creates a nice link to the story of these three new models. Having said that, it would be safe to assume that people will pick their favorite based on color.

Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300-1A4 dial close-up

An all-analog dial design for great functionality

In terms of functionality, the new GR-B300 is one of the simpler Master of G models. But don’t let that fool you; less is still a lot in the G-Shock universe. Casio’s 5719 module powers the watch and features a wide array of functions. First, the watch offers Tough Solar tech to charge the battery. Additionally, it comes with Bluetooth connectivity to link the watch to your smartphone for additional functions.

If we look at the dial, we will see that some basic functions are rather easy to read. Located at 12 o’clock is a sub-dial that indicates the day of the week. The same counter also lets you know if the watch is in the Alarm, Timer, or Stopwatch mode if it is not in the regular timekeeping mode.

Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300-8A2 dial close-up

Additionally, the sub-dial at 6 o’clock indicates the time in another city of your choice. The small indicator to the upper right of the sub-dial is the AM/PM indicator. Setting this time zone is easy via the smart link with your phone, and there is also a swapping function for the main and secondary time displays. The large, so-called “rotary disc” indicator at the 9 o’clock position indicates the battery level and alarm on/off status and displays motion linked to each mode.

Lastly, the date is integrated between the 4 and 5 o’clock markers using black disc and white printing. The centrally mounted hour and minute hands are filled with lume, and the watch comes with G-Shock’s Super Illuminator. This bright LED lights up the dial in the dark with one push of the button.

A flight log to track your travels as a pilot

The impressive list of functions also includes a flight log. With a simple push of a button, the GR-B300 models record the date, time, and position on a map within the Casio Connected app. On top of that, the log features a grouping function for batch management of multiple flights. As a result, this new Gravitymaster is most definitely a pilot’s watch at heart.

Furthermore, all three watches come with matching resin straps. The two black models feature black straps with a matching black buckle, while the gray model has a matching gray strap with a black buckle and keeper. All three versions are fairly restrained in their presence. The hints of color on the gray/blue and black/orange models provide both models with an extra bit of visual zing. Most of all, though, these three GR-B300 models scream functionality first.

Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300-1A4 pocket shot

Wearing the three G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300 models

This function-first approach translates into the wearing experience too. These Gravitymaster watches are substantial in size but not as loud as some of their counterparts. As almost always with G-Shock models, they are super easy to wear despite their large dimensions. The combination of great design and the low weight of 71 grams makes these Gravitymasters a joy on the wrist. My favorite is the gray and blue version as it has the biggest visual appeal.

Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300-1A on wrist

When it comes to operating the watches, the relatively stripped-down functions of Casio’s module 5719 make the Gravitymaster easy to navigate. If you have ever owned a G-Shock, you’ll be able to operate the new Gravitymaster GR-B300 easily.

Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300-8A2 on wrist

These three new watches are impressive, and I love their dual-time function. As a fan of dual-time and GMT watches, I do have a soft spot for the Gravitymaster GR-B300. That said, the pilot’s functions are not something I would use, which is why the Rangeman GPR-H1000 would still be my pick.

Casio G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300

But if you are a pilot or a big fan of aviation watches, this new series of Gravitymaster GR-B300 models could be your perfect affordable pick. At €299, these are among the most affordable Master of G models. However, they still provide a standout design, a shockproof multilayered case construction, and a wide array of functions. This is why I can see this new G-Shock Gravitymaster GR-B300 becoming a hit among pilots.

For more information, visit the G-Shock product pages here, here and here. Also, in the comments below, tell us your favorite of the three Gravitymastermodels.

Watch specifications

GR-B300-1A (black) / GR-B300-1A4 (black/orange) / GR-B300-8A2 (gray/blue)
Black analog display with red accents (GR-B300-1A), black analog display with orange accents (GR-B300-1A4), or gray analog display with light blue accents (GR-B300-8A2)
Case Material
Carbon-fiber-reinforced resin with black DLC-treated stainless steel parts
Case Dimensions
54.7mm (diameter) × 59mm (length) × 15.7mm (thickness)
Mineral glass
Case Back
Stainless steel, attached with screws
Casio 5719 solar-charging quartz module
Water Resistance
20 bar (200m)
Black resin (GR-B300-1A and GR-B300-1A4) or gray resin (GR-B300-8A2) with a double-pin buckle
Time (hours, minutes, second), smartphone link, dual time with home-city swapping and AM/PM indicator (set via Casio Connected app with choice of 300 cities), auto calendar to 2099 (day and date), 24-hour stopwatch with split-time function, 24-hour countdown timer, daily alarm, automatic time adjustment (four times a day), flight log, phone finder, LED light (Super Illuminator), Tough Solar charging, battery level indicator, power saving