Breguet expands its collection of Classique wristwatches with a new, blue, solid gold dial.

For the past three hundred years, the name of Abraham-Louis Breguet has been one of the most revered in watchmaking circles. The man himself was a celebrity. He gave us a great many innovations that continue to impress today’s audience. And yet one of my most enduring memories of Breguet occurred only two years ago. I was at Baselworld 2018 and had stepped out of the Hamilton booth after my appointment. Greeting me in the center of Hall 1 was gigantic super-yacht (I swear it had not been there thirty minutes prior).

The reason for the super-yacht in the middle of a convention center in a land-locked country? Breguet was celebrating its new Marine collection with a suitably snazzy symbol of luxury. It was such a surprise — and not just for the obvious reasons. Breguet typically resides in the purified air at the top echelon of watchmaking. Flexing its marketing muscles is not precisely Breguet’s forte — but it was at least memorable. Flexing its craft for exquisite timepieces is second nature, however. And it does not get any more classic than this new Classique 7337 in white gold.

Breguet Classique 7337 finishing

To finish first, first, you have to finish

The Classique is dripping in finishing techniques that bring the dial to life. Forged in white gold, the hand-engraved blue dial is decorated using a rose engine. Each sector has a different pattern. Despite this, they exist in harmony. The result? An exquisite and cohesive dial.

Starting with the smallest segment, the off-center running seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock has a Damier or chequered finish. You might recognize this pattern from the steel plating often applied to utility vehicles for grip. It is, I believe, the boldest of the patterns used. That is possibly why it has been given the smallest space to shine.

Of course, the hands are Breguet hands…

Silver rings with indices break up each sector with a grain d’orge or fluted pattern framing the circumference. In the center of the hours and minutes is a hobnail finishing technique that is impeccably executed. Below the 12 o’clock Roman numeral is the unique production number alongside the Breguet logo. A feature that Breguet proudly displays on all its collection. Of course, the hands are Breguet hands with a hollow moon-shaped tip.

Full calendar complication

Beyond the central time-telling dial are the calendar functions that occupy the top half of the dial. The windows for the day and date, to me, resemble the Oakley shades worn by SWAT teams. Arching over the center is the moon-phase indicator that equates the average lunar cycle with the numbers 0 to 29½.

The beautiful deep blue sky disc has a subtle gradient that complements the silver engraved moon. The majority of the blue dial has a radial engine-turned pattern that provides the optical illusion to lift each sub-dial towards the sapphire crystal glass.

Breguet case back

The white gold case is svelte at 9.9mm case height thanks to the slim caliber 502.3 QSE1 movement. The caliber even has a silicon hairspring. Edging around the case sides is the recognizable coin-edge case-band endemic to Breguet’s classic timepieces.

The Breguet Classique 7337 is an elegant wristwatch that traces its eccentric layout to pocket watches of yesteryear. The straight lugs protrude from the case to attach the color-matched strap made from alligator leather.

Breguet Classique 7337

Breguet designs often leave me with a sense of confusion rather than cohesion. But this 7337 with its blue dial is a stunner. But for £35,600, this is not an easily attainable piece. Instead, it is reserved for collectors who appreciate the very highest tier of watchmaking and design. Find out more on this Breguet here.

Watch specifications

Classique 7337
Case Material
White gold
Case Dimensions
Case Back
Caliber 502.3 QSE1
Water Resistance
30 meters
Hours, minutes, seconds, complete calendar