Could the most extreme G-Shocks become even more extreme? To ask the question is to answer it. You know that Casio is always looking for ways to make its G-Shock watches more capable, and as a result, they have become more extreme. The brand’s Frogman is part of the professional MR-G collection. This collection of extreme G-Shocks holds some of our favorite models, like the Mudman, Mudmaster, Rangeman, and Gravitymaster. Last year, I reviewed two of the latest Frogman models, and both were impressive pieces of kit. This time around, G-Shock introduces a follow-up to those. This new Frogman MRG-BF1000B-1A is the first regular-production model with a titanium bracelet. As a result, it takes the Frogman to a new extreme.

About a year ago, I wrote a lengthy hands-on review of the current G-Shock Frogman, which was introduced to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Frogman series. For that watch, G-Shock developed a new case construction, used new materials, engineered new technologies, and introduced a new design. The result was an impressive watch in every respect. With a price tag of €5,000, that new Frogman was also one of the most expensive G-Shocks. But people who know G-Shock also know that Frogman is not just any watch. With the new Frogman MRG-BF1000B-1A, I was reminded of that again in all the right ways.

Casio G-Shock Frogman MRG-BF1000B-1A

The new G-Shock Frogman MRG-BF1000B-1A

The new Frogman MRG-BF1000B-1A is a variation of the models we reviewed. The first was the MRG-BF1000R-1A, which I already mentioned. That watch introduced a new black and blue design with a Durasoft fluorine rubber strap. The second model was the limited-edition MRG-BF1000E-1A9 in black and yellow, which included a yellow Durasoft strap and a black titanium bracelet. The newest Frogman only comes on the titanium bracelet and is the first regular production model to do so.

Casio G-Shock Frogman MRG-BF1000B-1A dial close-up

The new release is a logical progression from those first two models. After black and blue and black and yellow, the new MRG-BF1000B-1A introduces a black and red color combination. Regarding dial design, the new watch follows the first model in black and blue. Both feature a colored rehaut that holds the white minute markers. In the limited edition, the rehaut was black and in sync with the dial, while the minute track was printed in yellow. But it’s just one of the elements in the dial because a lot is happening here.

The unique case construction is still impressive

But let’s start at the beginning. Like the previous models, the new Frogman has a massive 49.7mm × 56mm × 18.6mm case. It is constructed from 70 parts to ensure ultimate shock protection, diving practicality, and general functionality. The asymmetrical case is made of titanium and has a traditional screw-in back. The bezel is also titanium and, like the rest of the case, features a thick layer of hardening compound and a DLC coating for even greater durability. Fluoro rubber parts are placed between the case and the bezel to increase shock protection. The crown, push buttons, and screws used for the construction of the case are all made of titanium as well.

Casio G-Shock Frogman MRG-BF1000B-1A case back

The case construction features an O-ring waterproof sealing. On top of that, the watch comes with sapphire crystals on the front and the back. As I explained in the article about the first model, a sapphire crystal is press-fit into the titanium case back, ensuring a highly airtight structure. But Casio also chose this construction to maintain the watch’s built-in antenna’s radio-wave-reception sensitivity. A full-titanium case back would have made that impossible, so this solution was ideal. On top of that, just like the first model, the red sapphire rear crystal features a laser engraving of the Frogman logo on its top and underside, resulting in a great 3D effect.

The Frogman is a dive watch at heart

The guards on both sides of the bezel characterize the case design of the Frogman. You will find a huge one on the left side, and this protects the push buttons. The smaller guard on the right side protects the crown. Speaking of which, the crown has an airtight screw-down construction. Like the bezel and case, it also features water-resistant fluoro rubber parts for increased shock protection. Overall, the design is dramatic and extreme in every way. But it serves a purpose, as you will understand by now.

We should also remember that the Frogman is a very capable dive watch. Like its predecessors, the new model complies with ISO 6425. Therefore, the text “DIVER’S 200M” is visible on the dial just above the 5 o’clock marker. Besides the logos for Casio and MR-G, it is the only decorative text on a busy dial packed with functional sub-dials and indicators. On top of that, there is a date aperture tucked in between the 4 and 5 o’clock markers. The large hands and indices are all treated with white lume that lights up blue in the dark, so you can also use the watch in darker conditions.

The premium module No. 5702

All the functionalities of the Frogman are made possible by the Casio module No. 5702. The brand uses this specific module for its premium and more expensive pieces. It comes with the standard G-Shock functions of a stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, automatic calendar, dual-time display, world time, and an LED backlight. Additionally, the MRG-BF1000B-1A comes equipped with Tough Solar charging, Multi Band 6 automatic radio time adjustment, and Bluetooth connectivity. That last one allows the watch to connect to your smartphone for various additional functions, including automatic time setting and a phone finder.

As mentioned, the Frogman is a diving watch, so the module also features some diving-specific functions. An important one is that the Frogman can measure dive time of up to two hours and service interval time of up to 24 hours. Additionally, the watch can record up to 30 log data records, including a tide graph. A very cool feature is that you can access all the different diving functions on dry land and underwater. Thanks to the construction of the case and the buttons, the watch remains fully operational when diving.

Wearing the Casio G-Shock MRG-BF1000B-1A

There is a lot to explain about the watch. But how does the Frogman wear? As I explained in the last two articles, I am always amazed by how wearable the big G-Shocks are. And the Frogman is no exception. While it is far from a modest watch in size and appearance, it is easy to wear. I preferred wearing the two previous models on the rubber strap. It was the easiest and most comfortable way. However, with only the titanium bracelet for this new MRG-BF1000B-1A, it was a different and fun experience.

The DLC-coated bracelet looks super technical, and its style perfectly suits the Frogman. Sizing the bracelet with a push-pin tool was easy, and it includes a dive extension to fit over your dive suit. The quality of the bracelet is great, and it features a quick-change system with an oversized screw pin that is super easy to remove. Unfortunately, a rubber strap is only available separately, and the clasp would benefit from an upgrade. While it’s perfectly functional, I expect more from a watch in the €5K+ price category. Once on the wrist, though, the watch feels familiar, though it is not a direct copy of the first black and blue model. That one had white text on the guards. This version features an all-black bezel and guards. Consequently, it appears smaller on the wrist than the first model.

Final thoughts on the Casio G-Shock MRG-BF1000B-1A

On the wrist, I was also reminded that the watch was superbly finished. I have mentioned this before, but Casio has upped its game with the premium G-Shock offerings. Not only do we get special hardening treatments for better resistance against wear and tear, but the overall finishing is also visually impressive. As a result, the Frogman feels like a super well-made and premium watch. You would also expect that for a list price of €5,800, but the detail levels in the construction and finish are nothing short of impressive. Lastly, using the Frogman is like coming home. If you have ever owned a G-Shock, you will easily find your way through the different functions.

It also brings me back to a question I answered in one of the previous Frogman reviews: who is this new G-Shock MRG-BF1000B-1A for? I believe it targets hardcore G-Shock fans, particularly those who love the Frogman. Additionally, I can see this watch on the wrists of people with significant mechanical watch collections who just want a super practical and capable dive watch to accompany them on diving trips. It is the perfect tool to watch for adventures like that. A third encounter with the current Frogman made that very clear. It is simply a super impressive G-Shock that shows the brand’s great work.

For more information, visit the new Frogman’s dedicated G-Shock page. Also, tell us your favorite of the three Frogman models in the comments below.

Watch specifications

Black analog display with red accents
Case Material
Titanium with black DLC coating and hardening treatmment
Case Dimensions
49.7mm (diameter) × 56mm (length) × 18.6mm (thickness)
Case Back
Titanium, screw-lock
Casio quartz module No. 5702 with Tough Solar
Water Resistance
200m (20 bar)
Titanium H-link bracelet with black DLC coating and hardening treatment, titanium clasp, and dive extension
Time (hours, minutes, seconds), stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, automatic calendar, dual-time display, world timer, and a LED backlight. Tough Solar charging, Multi Band 6 automatic radio time adjustment, and Bluetooth connectivity. Measuring dive time of up to two hours and service interval time of up to 24 hours, 30 log data records, including a tide graph.
Two years