Going hands-on with one of the G-Shock MR-G series models is always an experience. G-Shock MR-G line is the brand’s most premium line. It combines exclusive materials with ingenious technical solutions and an incredible level of quality and finishing. The brand’s latest new offering is the G-Shock MRG-BF1000E-1A9 which celebrates G-Shock’s 40th anniversary in style. On top of that, this new Frogman model also celebrates the 30th anniversary of the G-Shock Frogman models. The brand has made sure that it’s not just any new G-Shock. This colorful Frogman is big, bold, and will cost you a pretty penny. And Casio will only produce 700 pieces of this limited edition. Rightfully a G-Shock for the happy few.

I was impressed when I first got the new G-Shock MRG-BF1000E-1A9 ‘Frogman’ out of the box. Seriously impressed. I am a tall and big guy, but even for me, the new limited edition Frogman is a big watch. Our photographer Morgan said with a smile: “It doesn’t happen often, but this G-Shock looks big even on your wrist.” And it feels big too. Especially with the bright yellow strap, the watch pops off the wrist like hardly any other watch. But as it is a Frogman, you know that this is a watch with a purpose. This new Frogman model is the second MRG-BF1000 model that came out after the MRG-BF1000R-1A I wrote about in May.

The new limited edition MRG-BF1000E-1A9 Frogman

Where the first of the new Frogman models had a steep price tag of €5,000, this new limited edition takes it one step further. The new MRG-BF1000E-1A9 has a retail price of €6,400. Yes, you read that correctly. G-Shock is not playing around. But what you get in return is seriously impressive. Is it worth almost €6,5K? Ultimately, that’s up to you, but let’s find out more about this special 700-piece limited edition.

The watch comes with the same specs as the MRG-BF1000R-1A. It also features a 56mm × 49.7mm × 18.6mm case with more than 70 parts. The construction was developed to offer ultimate shock protection, diving practicality, and general functionality. The titanium case has a traditional screw-down back that Casio calls a “screw lock back.” The main difference with the previous model launched is adding an extra titanium bracelet next to the bright yellow Dura Soft Fluoro rubber band.

The case construction of the MRG-BF1000E-1A9 Frogman

As I explained in the review of the first new Frogman models, the case construction is designed with an O-ring for a water-resistant seal, and Fluoro rubber parts are placed between the case for better shock protection. It also comes with a sapphire crystal in the front and the back. The sapphire crystal in the back press-fits into the titanium case back, forming a highly airtight construction. G-Shock chose the sapphire case back to maintain the built-in antenna’s radio wave reception sensitivity. This would not have been possible if the brand had used a solid titanium case back.

The sapphire crystal in the back is not your typical display case back. The sapphire crystal is press-fit into the pure-titanium case back, ensuring a highly airtight structure. As you can see in the picture, it features a gold vapor deposition with a unique anniversary engraving with the instantly recognizable Frogman logo. Additionally, it indicates both the 40th anniversary of the G-Shock brand and the 30th anniversary of the Frogman series.

A watch with plenty of intricate details

The titanium case comes with a black DLC coating where the titanium crown, pushers, and large screw on the front get a gold ion-plated finish. The titanium bezel features the Frogman name in yellow and matches the yellow strap and the yellow Neobrite hour markers. The thick coating of Neobrite is applied by hand to ensure excellent readability in darker light conditions. The designers chose yellow as a tribute to the first-generation bright yellow Frogman DW-6300-9.

As this is a Frogman diver, the watch is ISO 6425-compliant with a 200m Diver rating. It is why G-Shock puts the words “DIVER’S 200M” on their Frogman dials. For the new Frogman dials, the text is placed at 5 o’clock. It is neatly tucked between the oversized hour markers and the two large sub-dials with multiple integrated functions. As you can see, the date window is placed between the 4 and 5 o’clock markers. You will also find hints of red on the sub-dial at 3 o’clock, the central seconds hand, and the text on the large crown guard. It creates a bright symphony of colors that is hard to miss.

A titanium bracelet as a bonus

As already mentioned, the watch comes with an extra titanium bracelet that features a black DLC coating. The quality of the lightweight bracelet is impressive, and it features a slight taper toward the titanium folding clasp. Speaking of the clasp, it comes with a dive extension to make it easy to wear over your wetsuit (should that be something you want to do).

In terms of looks, the titanium bracelet gives the watch a super technical and almost stealthy look if it weren’t for the bright yellow and gold accents. But it completely changes the look compared to the bright yellow strap. I prefer the strap because it makes the watch more fun to see and wear. I like an oversized G-Shock with a particular fun factor to compensate for or accentuate the extreme dimensions. In this case, it makes a big watch pop even more and makes it quite a statement. But as switching between the strap and the bracelet is easy thanks to the special tool that comes with the watch, you can switch up the look effortlessly.

The MRG-BF1000E-1A9 Frogman offers a wide array of functions

The new limited edition Frogman is powered by module No. 5702. It’s the go-to module for Casio’s premium timepieces. The module has the standard G-Shock functions such as a stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm, automatic calendar, dual time zone display, world timer, and LED backlight. Additionally, the watch comes equipped with Tough Solar charging, MultiBand 6 automatic radio time adjustment, and Bluetooth connectivity. The latter allows you to connect with your smartphone for a multitude of Bluetooth functions.

In addition to the ‘standard’ functions, the watch is also equipped with several specific diving functions. Among them is the possibility to measure dive time of up to two hours and service interval time of up to 24 hours. Additionally, the module records up to 30 log data records, including a tide graph. All the functions are not just accessible on land but underwater as well. The case construction ensures that all the different buttons are fully operational during your dive, making this an impressive dive watch. A dive watch comes with plenty more functions that are accessible by using the buttons on the side of the case or by linking up with your smartphone with the help of the Casio app.

Wearing the G-Shock MRG-BF1000E-1A9 Frogman

Wearing the asymmetrical MRG-BF1000E-1A9 Frogman is more manageable than its dimensions or presence might have you think. It is not too heavy at 132 grams on the strap, and the case does sit well on your wrist. But as I already mentioned, this is an impressively big watch, so people with small wrists will probably have to get used to wearing this new Frogman. Having said that, part of the fun of wearing a G-Shock is in the over-the-top size and presence. So try it, and you’ll find out.

Once on the wrist, a couple of things stand out. As I also mentioned in the review of the first of the new Frogman series, the quality of the case’s materials, construction, and finishing is nothing short of impressive. You immediately see and feel this is no ordinary G-Shock. An element that I think could have a more significant impact is the dial and the hands. Granted, with all the functions that the watch offers, you need a dial that feels functional. And it feels exactly like that with its matte black presence and refined speckled texture. Sure, the gold G-Shock logo and the gold tide graph visualization are lovely details. But overall, it is the same dial used for the first model and therefore serves its function correctly but has no real impact.

Final thoughts on the G-Shock MRG-BF1000E-1A9 Frogman

On top of that, the large white hour and minute hand feel very basic compared to the case construction and finish. Or, in a broader context, luxury dive watches in general. For €6,400, you can buy a seriously great diver with a finish and visual impact of the dial that far exceeds this new Frogman. Is that a fair comparison? Yes and no. Yes, if you consider your options for the retail price of this new 30th anniversary Frogman limited edition. It simply gives you quite a few great options from other brands.

But then again, this is a G-Shock, and for G-Shock, different rules apply. It’s why so many of us love the brand, including myself. I was, once again, seriously impressed by the new Frogman in terms of size, quality, finish, and specs. Would I spend €6,400 on a G-Shock? The honest answer is that I wouldn’t. But I am sure there are 700 people that would do just that to get their hands on one of these impressive new G-Shock MRG-BF1000E-1A9 Frogman models. The watch is a proper celebration of the 40th anniversary of the brand and the 30th anniversary of the Frogman line. It’s a celebration in G-Shock style. And that’s precisely what we want from the brand.