I know how important this watch is for Ben Clymer, so before going into details about this Omega Speedmaster Hodinkee 10th anniversary limited edition, allow me to address a few words to explain.

10 Years of Hodinkee

Ben is a Speedmaster fan. He showed me his Speedmaster Mark40 that he received from his grandfather, and basically started his interest in mechanical watches. He also – always – shows me his latest Speedmaster purchases, and those range from early CK2915 references to the Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday (ST1) and the recent Speedy Tuesday Ultraman. He also was there with me when I bought my gold Speedmaster Professional in Munich when we were both there to talk at a watch congress in 2014. His Speedmaster Mark 40 means a lot to him, not only because it is a heritage piece for him, but also because it ignited his interested in watches that resulted in the best read watch magazine in the world, Hodinkee. Now, I am not the person that is easily jealous or envying others, but the success of Hodinkee is a great story and achievement by Ben and his team and one of the few things in the world I surely envy. He has always been a friend of Fratello Watches and the respect has always been mutual. By me, but also by everyone single one of our team. We definitely share ‘history’ when it comes to being the firsts to be online with a blog on watches but most of all we consider each other friends, and then colleagues. So, Ben, let me congratulate you on 10 years of Hodinkee, and not only just being around for 10 years but being super successful in what you do from day 1. And, of course, congratulations on the Speedmaster Hodinkee 10th Anniversary Limited Edition. Again, I know and realize how much this must mean to you.

Speedmaster Hodinkee 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

As for the watch itself, I am guessing that the coverage on Hodinkee will break the internet, but I surely want to spend a few paragraphs on it anyway. Based on the popular and modern Speedmaster CK2998 reference, the Speedmaster Hodinkee 10th Anniversary limited edition comes in a 39.7mm x 14.37mm case with 19mm lugs. Paired with a beautiful leather blue/ grey strap. Of course, you will also find the typical Omega NATO strap in the box (grey). These are high-quality NATO straps and believe me that I am not a NATO guy, but I always gladly make an exception for these.

The Omega Speedmaster Hodinkee 10th Anniversary Limited Edition, or H10 CK2998 as Ben referred to it in a private conversation, is made of steel and hosts the famous Lemania based calibre 1861 movement. If you are a regular reader of our Speedy Tuesday features, this movement has little secrets to you. The watch will be limited to 500 pieces and ordering starts now. The deliveries of the H10 CK2998 will start in November.

The caseback has the typical Seahorse in bas-relief and you’ll find the unique number engraved as well as the CK2998 model name and that you’re holding a Hodinkee 10th Anniversary edition.

Speedmaster Mk40 Inspired

As written above, the Speedmaster Hodinkee 10th Anniversary is inspired by Ben’s inherited Speedmaster Mk40 watch, also known as the reference 3820.53. This watch, with Omega’s calibre 1151 movement, featured a day and date as well as a 24-hour (day/night) indicator. This movement is not in use anymore with Omega, so to recreate the exact same piece would be very difficult. Instead, Hodinkee and Omega chose to use the CK2998 case and use the colour scheme of the Speedmaster Mk40 reference 3820.53 in there. And it’s a job well done in my opinion. The 3820.53 also had a 39mm diameter, so the use of the 39.7mm CK2998 case has been a great choice.

Speedmaster Hodinkee 10th Anniversary

Mk40 and Hodinkee 10th Anniversary side-by-side


The Speedmaster Hodinkee 10th Anniversary limited edition comes in a nice box, with additional NATO strap. The price will be $6500 and the ordering process starts today on Hodinkee. As written above, Omega will start to deliver the watches in November to those who were lucky enough to source one. With only 500 pieces, you better be fast.

Ordering can be done via the Hodinkee shop, click here.